Richard Rosson

Richard Rosson

1893 - 1953

The actor and director Richard Rosson belonged to a movie enthusiastic family - his brother Arthur Rosson was a director, his sister Helene Rosson was an actress and his brother Harold Rosson was a oscar-winning cinematographer.

Richard Rosson began his film career as an actor in 1911 with "Selecting His Heiress", it followed the movies "Diamond Cut Diamond" (12), "She Cried" (12), "Criminals" (13), "The Passerby" (13), "The Embezzler" (14), "Richelieu" (14), "Her Escape" (14), "My Best Girl" (15) and "Nobody's Home" (15).

He continued his acting career till 1922 and he took part in the productions "Ella Wanted to Elope" (16), "Number Please?" (16), "In the Land of the Tortilla" (16), "The Haunted House" (17), "Madame Sphinx" (18), "The Secret Garden" (19), "Polly of the Storm Country" (20), "Her Face Value" (21) and "Always the Woman" (22).

Richard Rosson launched a second career as a director from 1926, an activity he carried on for the first time in 1917 for "Her Father's Keeper" (17).
To his works as a director belong "Fine Manners" (26) with Gloria Swanson, "Ritzy" (27), "The Wizard" (27), "The Escape" (28) and "The Very Idea" (29).

Afterwards followed only few more movies as a director, among them - as a co-director of Howard Hawks - the legendary movie "Scarface" (32) with Paul Muni, and as a director "West Point of the Air" (35), "Behind the Headlines" (37) and "Corvette K-225" (43).
Together with Howard Hawks he also realised some other movies as a second-unit-director.

Richard Rosson committed suicide in 1953 at the age of 60 because of carbon monoxide poisoining.

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