Milton Rosmer

1881 - 1971

The actor Milton Rosmer was born as Arthur Milton Lunt.

He already made his stage debut as a child in 1889 and he enjoyed it so much that he chose acting as his profession. 

He was able to gain a foothold at the theater as an adult and soon he was not only active as actor but also as the director at the Stratford-Upon-Avon Memorial Theatre.

Milton Rosmer joined the film business in 1915 where he became popular as well. 
To his first movies belong "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab" (15), "Cynthia in the Wilderness" (16), "Lady Windermere's Fan" (16), "Little Women" (17) and "The Chinese Puzzle" (19).

He continued his film career successfully in the 20s and from 1926 he also realised several movies as a director.

To his popular movies of the 20s as an actor belong "The Golden Web" (20), "The Will" (21), "A Woman of No Importance" (21), "Shadow of Egypt" (24) and "High Treason" (29).

With the rise of the sound film he normally impersonated support roles in productions like "The W Plan" (30), "The Phantom Light" (35) and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (39).

Milton Rosmer remained active as a movie actor till to the 50s, at the end of his film career he also appeared in televison productions. 
To his later cinematical works belong "Dangerous Comment" (40), "Frieda" (47), "Gaslight" (47), "The Small Back Room" (49), "John Wesley" (54), an episode of the serial "The Count of Monte Cristo: The Mazzini Affair" (56) and an episode of the serial "The Scarlet Pimpernel: The Imaginary Invalid" (56).

To his movies as a director belong "The Woman Juror" (26), "Dreyfus" (31), "Many Waters" (31), "What Happened to Harkness?" (34), "Emil and the Detectives" (35) and "The Great Barrier" (37).

Milton Rosmer was married with the actress Irene Rooke.

Other movies with Milton Rosmer: 
Whoso Is Without Sin (16) Still Waters Run Deep (16) The Man Without a Soul (16) The Greater Need (16) The Odds Against Her (19) Colonel Newcombe, the Perfect Gentleman (20) With All Her Heart (20) Wuthering Heights (20) The Twelve Pound Look (20) Torn Sails (20) The Diamond Necklace (21) Belphegor the Mountebank (21) A Romance of Wastdale (21) The Amazing Partnership (21) General John Regan (21) Demos (21) The Pointing Finger (22) Tense Moments with Great Authors: David Garrick (22) A Gamble with Hearts (23) The Passionate Friends (23) La donna e l'uomo (23) Grand Prix (34) South Riding (38) Let's Be Famous (39) The Lion Has Wings (39) Gas Light (39) The Stars Look Down (40) Return to Yesterday (40) You're Telling Me! (41) Atlantic Ferry (41) Fame Is the Spur (47) The End of the River (47) Who Killed Van Loon? (48) Daybreak (48) The Monkey's Paw (48) Twelve Thousand (50) Serie "Pride and Prejudice" (52) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: L'Aiglon" (53) Serie "Terminus: The Driving Seat" (55) Othello (55) Serie "H.M. Tennent Globe Theatre: Rebecca" (56)

Cash on Delivery (26) Balaclava (28) The Perfect Lady (31) Dr. Josser, K.C. (31) After the Ball (32) Channel Crossing (33) The Secret of the Loch (34) Maria Marten or The Murder in the Red Barn (35) The Guv'nor (35) Everything Is Thunder (36) The Challenge (38)

The Golden Web (20) Balaclava (28) The Great Barrier (37) The Challenge (38)