Charles Rosher

Charles Rosher

1885 - 1974

The cinematographer Charles Rosher finished his education as a cameraman and started his professional career by David Horsley. When Horsley moved his film company from New Jersey to the sunnier Hollywood Charles Rosher became the first full-time cinematographer in Hollywood. 

Charles Rosher was responsible for numerous movies shot in the 10s, among them "The Indian Raiders" (12), "The Next Command" (14), "Gene of the Northland" (15), "Blackbirds" (15), "The Blacklist" (16), "Anton the Terrible" (16), "The Primrose Ring" (17), "The Little Princess" (17), "The Honor of His House" (18), "Too Many Millions" (18), "Captain Kidd jr." (19) and "The Hoodlum" (19).

During this time Charles Rosher created new technics time and again which became important for future shootings. 

He became a much demanded cinematographer in the 20s and to his regular filmed stars belonged Mary Pickford among others.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Pollyanna" (20), "Little Lord Fauntleroy" (21), "Tess of the Storm Country" (22), "Rosita" (23), "Little Annie Rooney" (25), "Sunrise" (27), "Tempest" (28), "Eternal Love" (29) and "Atlantik" (29).

For "Sunrise" he got together with Karl Stuss the Oscar for the Best Cinematography and was the first one in film history who got the Oscar as a cinematographer.

Charles Rosher continued his film career in the 30s. He shot many productions like "Two Worlds" (30), "Paid" (30), "Laughing Sinners" (31), "This Modern Age" (31), "Two Against the World" (32), "Bed of Roses" (33), "Moulin Rouge" (34), "Broadway Melody of 1936 (35), "Little Lord Fauntleory" (36), "Hard to Get" (38), "Yes, My Darling Daughter" (39) and "A Child Is Born" (39).

The 40s offered him again many oppportunities to work for the cinema. To these movies belong "Million Dollar Baby" (41), "Pierre of the Plains" (42), "Kismet" (44), "Ziegfeld Follies" (45), "Yolanda and the Thief" (45), "Song of the Thin Man" (47) and "Neptune's Daughter" (49).
For "The Yearlling" (46) he got his second Oscar after two former Oscar nominations.

Afterwards Charles Rosher only participated for few more movies before he retired from the film business.
To his last movies belong "Annie Get Your Gun" (50), "Scaramouche" (52), "The Story of Three Loves" (53), "Kiss Me Kate" (53) and "Jupiter's Darling" (55).
Two more Oscar nominations completed his impressive career. 

Beside the film he got involved with the interest of cinematographers as a co-founder of the "American Societoy of Cinematographers".

Charles Rosher died in Lisbon, Portugal because of an accidential fall.

His son Charles Rosher jr. Became a cinematographer too and his daughter Joan Marsh became an actress.

Other movies from Charles Rosher: 
Life of Villa (12) Ealry Days in the West (12) With General Pancho Villa in Mexico (13) Santo Icario (14) The Oath of a Viking (14) The Mystery of the Poison Pool (14) The Smuggler's Lass (15) The Mad Maid of the Forest (15) The Voice in the Fog (15) The Sowers (16) The Clown (16) Common Ground (16) The Heir to the Hoorah (16) The Plow Girl (16) On Record (17) A Mormon Maid (17) At First Sight (17) Hashimura Togo (17) The Secret Game (17) The Widow's Might (18) One More American (18) The White Man's Law (18) How Coud You, Jean? (18) Johanna Enlists (18) The Dub (19) Daddy-Long-Legs (19) Heart o' the Hills (19) Suds (20) The White Circle (20) Dinty (20) The Love Light (21) Through the Back Door (21) Smilin' Through (22) Sant'Ilario (23) Tiger Rose (23) Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (24) Three Women (24) Sparrows (26) My Best Girl (27) Coquette (29) The Vagabond Queen (29) Les deux mondes (30) Atlantis (30) La route est belle (30) Knowing Men (30) The Price of Things (30) War Nurse (30) Dance, Fools, Dance (31) Silence (31) Beloved Bachelor (31) Husband's Holiday (31) What Price Hollywood? (32) Rockabye (32) The Past of Mary Holmes (33) Our Betters (33) The Silver Cord (33) Flaming Gold (33) After Tonight (33) The Affairs of Cellini (34) Outcast Lady (34) What Every Woman Knows (34) After Office Hours (35) The Call of the Wild (35) Small Town Girl (36) Men Are Not Gods (36) The Woman I Love (37) The Perfect Specimen (37) Hollywood Hotel (37) White Banners (38) Off the Record (39) Hell's Kitchen (39) Espionage Agent (39) Brother Rat and a Baby (40) Three Cheers for the Irish (40) My Love Came Back (40) Four Mothers (41) One Foot in Heaven (41) Mokey (42) Stand by for Action (42) Assignment in Brittany (43) I Dood It (43) Swing Fever (43) Fiesta (47) Dark Delusion (47) On an Island with You (48) Words and Music (48) The Red Danube (49) East Side, West Side (49) Pagan Love Song (50) Show Boat (51) Young Bess (53)