Charles Rock

Charles Rock

1866 - 1919

The actor Charles Rock was born as Arthur Charles Rock de Fabeck in Velore, East India. He made his stage debut in 1885 and soon became established as a demanded actor.
In 1895 he joined actor John Hare and went on tour through America.

As a respected stage actor he already appeared in front of the camera in 1901 for "Tally Ho!" (01) but his real film career took a clear shape from 1912. 

To his early movies belong "David Garrick" (12), "The House of Temperley" (13), "The Cage" (14), "England's Menace" (14), "Trilby" (14), "The King's Minister" (14), "A Christmas Carol" (14) where he impersonated the leading role of Ebenezer Scrooge, "The King's Outcast" (15), "The Prisoner of Zenda" (15) and "The Third Generation" (15).

His last movies came already in the second half of the 10s into being before he died in 1919 at the age of only 53.

To his last movies belong "Vice Versa" (16), "The Man Without a Soul" (16), "A Fair Impostor" (16), "Big Money" (18), "Deception" (18), "Tatterly" (19) and "The Chinese Puzzle" (19).

Other movies with Charles Rock:
The Third String (14) The Bosun's Mate (14) Lawyer Quince (14) She Stoops to Conquer (14) The Black Spot (14) Clancarty (14) England Expects (14) For the Empire (14) Two Little Ambitions (14) Two Little Britons (14) Called Back (14) V.C. (14) The Two Columbines (14) Brothers Officers (15) The Man in the Attic (15) Rupert of Hentzau (15) The Sons of Satan (15) Whoso Diggeth a Pit (15)A Man of His Word (15) The Christian (15) Mr. Lyndon at Liberty (15) The Firm of Girdlestone (15) Her Uncle (15) Esther (16) You (16) The Hypocrites (16) Partners at Last (16) Beau Brocade (16) Some Fish! (16) Rescuing an Heiress (16) Ultus and the Three-Button Mystery (17) A Romany Lass (18) The Better'ole?; or The Romance of Old Bill (19) The Greater Love (19)