George Robey

Picture George Robey

1869 - 1954

The actor George Robey was born as George Edward Wade. He was very successful at the Music Hall at the end of the 19th century. In contrast to most of his colleagues he experienced an intensive education at the university of Leipzig, later in Cambridge.

But the interest of George Robey soon was applied to the theater and there he developed his comedian talent. He earned his first money as an actor but his first great successes he had at the Westminster Aquarium as the assistant of "Professor" Kennedy, a well-known stage hypnotist.

Finally he got a contract as an actor and he concentrated to his acting career.
To his first successes in the next years belong roles in playes by Shakespeare as well as his fantastic Dame pantomime. He got the nickname "Prime Minister of Mirth". 

During World War I he entertained the troops which just returned from the front, beside it he supported other charities in favour of the soldiers. 

When the young medium film grew in tha favour of the audience, it had also an affect to his work. He now also played classic roles, appeared in light operettas and took part in plays by William Shakespeare frequently.

He made his film debut in 1917 with "Good Queen Bess" (13) and "And Very Nice Too" (13), it followed other silent movies like "Doing His Bit" (17), "One Arabian Night" (23), "Don Quixote" (23) as Sancho Panza, "The Prehistoric Man" (24) and Safety First" (28). 

He still appeared seldom in front of the camera when the talkies arose, to these productions belong "Marry Me" (32), "Don Quixote" (23), again as Sancho Panza, "Chu Chin Chow" (34), "Royal Cavalcade" (35), "Men of Yesterday" (36), "A Girl Must Live" (39), "They Met in the Dark" (43), "Waltz Time" (45) and "The Pickwick Papers" (52). 

He was knighted in 1954.

Other movies with George Robey:
The Rest Cure (23) Harlequinade (23) TMrs. Mephisopheles (29) The Temperance Fete (32) Southern Roses (36) Calling the Tune (36) Birds of a Feather (36) Serie "Comedy Cabaret" (38) Salute John Citizen (42) The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (44) The Trojan Brothers (46) 

Doing His Bit (17) The Rest Cure (23) The Prehistoric Man (24) Safety First (28) Mrs. Mephistopheles (29) 
The Bride (29)