Jerrold Robertshaw

1866 - 1941

The actor Jerrold Robertshaw began his career at the theater where he impersonated numerous roles. At the age of 50 he joined the film business and his first appearance in front of the camera was for "The Girl Who Didn't Care" (16). It followed "Dombey and Son" (19).

In the 20s he became a busy movie actor.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "A Master of Craft" (22), as Juan de Texada in "The Wandering Jew" (23) with Matheson Lang and Isobel Elsom, as Don Quixote in "Don Quixote" (23) with George Robey as Sancho Panza, Rex Ingram's "The Arab" (24) with Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry, "She" (25) with Betty Blythe, Carlyle Blackwell and Heinrich George, "A Royal Divorce" (26) with Lillian Hall-Davis and Gertrude McCoy, as Rev. Henry Wakely in Alfred Hitchcock's "Downhill" (27) with Ivor Novello, Ben Webster, Lilian Braithwaite and Isabel Jeans, "Tommy Atkins" (28) with Lillian Hall-Davis and Henry Victor, as Sir Reginald Farleigh in "The Inseparables" (29) with Elissa Landi and Patrick Aherne and "Kitty" (29) with Estelle Brody and John Stuart.

Jerrold Robertshaw only took part in few more movies in the 30s, among them "The Shadow Between" (31) with Godfrey Tearle and Olga Lindo, as Corporal Gregory Brewster in "The Veteran of Waterloo" (33) with Roger Livesey and Minnie Rayner and Alexander Kordas "Rembrandt" (36) mwithit Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester and Gertrude Lawrence.

Other movies with Jerrold Robertshaw:
Build Thy House (20) The Bonnie Brier Bush (21) Through Fire and Water (23) Should a Doctor Tell? (23) Guy Fawkes (23) Finished (23) The Sins Ye Do (24) Le puits de Jacob (25) She (25) The Apache (52) Toptoes (27) My Lord the Chauffeur (27) Huntingtower (27) Bolibar (28) Palais de danse (28) Glorious Youth (28) You Know What Sailors Are (28) Power Over Men (29) The Woman in White (29)