Franklin Ritchie

1865 - 1918

The actor Franklin Ritchie became a busy movie star at the beginning of the American silent film history.

After his first movie "Red and Pete, Partners" (13) he appeared in numerous other productions in the following year like "The Restless Woman" (14), "The Honor of the Law" (14), "The Man from the Past" (14), "The Iron Master" (14), "The Sheriff of Willow Gulch" (14) and "The Crimson Moth" (14).

In the next years he got numerous engagements again and he acted in "Three Hats" (15), "After the Storm" (15), "The Confession" (15), "Jane Eyre" (15), "East Lynne" (15), "Harvest" (15), "The Woman of Mystery" (15), "Pique" (16), "The Reclamation" (16) and "The Inner Struggle" (16).

His last appearence in front of the camera came in 1917 into being for "The Gentle Intruder" (17). In the next years Franklin Ritchie died at the age of only 52 because of a road accident.

Other movies with Franklin Ritchie: 
The Restless Woman (14) The Science of Crime (14) The Ethics of the Profession (14) Man's Enemy (14) The District Attorney's Burglar (14) Merely Mother (14) His Change of Heart (14) The Derelicts (14) The Wages of Sin (14) The Charity Ball (14) The Ticket-of-Leave Man (14) The New Magdalen (14) Ernest Maltravers (14) The Closing Web (14) The Way Home (14) The Barrier Between (15) The Third Act (15) File No. 113 (15) Dwellers in Glas Houses (15) His Romany Wife (15) Aurora Floyd (15) The Americano (15) The Quicksands of Society (15) To Have and to Lose (15) Adam Bede (15) The Maid o' the Mountain (15) Man and His Master (15) Mrs. Van Alden's Jewels (15) Under Two Flags (15) The Drab Sister (15) Ashes of Inspiration (15) Dora (15) The Soul of Piere (15) The Country Parson (15) Between Father and Son (15) The Reproach of Annesley (15) The Hungarian Nabob (15) A Life Chase (16) Lying Lips (16) Not My Sister (16) The Reclamation (16) Dust (16) The Light (16) The Undertow (16)