Billie Rhodes

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1894 - 1988


The actress Billie Rhodes was born as Levita Axelrod in San Francisco.
She began her career as a singer with the song "Billy". It followed a contract with the Kalem studios and in the following years she shot countless movies.

To her first movies belong "Perils of the Sea" (13), "The Man Who Vanished" (13), "The Big Horn Massacre" (13), "Indian Fate" (14), "Nellie the Pride of the Fire House" (15), "All in the Same Boat" (15), "Almost a King" (15), "Her Romeo" (15), "Something in Her Eye" (15) and "When Three Is a Crowd" (15).

In the second part of the 10's she also took part in numerous productions which made Billie Rhodes to one of the most popular stars of that time.
To these movies belong "The Lion's Breath" (16), "The Wrong Bird" (16), "Her Hero Maid" (16), "Foiled" (16), "Henry's Little Kid" (16), "Catching the Burglar" (16), "Bride and Gloom" (17), "The Great American Game" (17), "Tom, Dick and Harry" (17), "Three Times and Out" (18), "Miss Cinderella" (18), "Waltzing Around" (18), "Beware of Blondes" (18), "The Lamb and the Lion" (19) and "The Blue Bonnet" (19). 

In the 20's followed only few more appearances in front of the camera, so for "His Pajama Girl" (20), "Mis Nobody" (20), "The Star Reporter" (21), "Aladdin" (22), "Leave It to Gerry" (24), "It's a Bear" (24) and "Fires of Youth" (24).

She went to Chicago in 1926 where she turned to the theater again. In the 50's she was also busy as a acting teacher und continued to act on stages.

Billie Rhodes was among others married with the actors William Parsons and G. Pat Collins.

Other movies with Billie Rhodes: 
A Daughter of the Underworld (13) The Cave Men's War (13) The Chinese Death Thorn (13) A Leap for Life (14) A Race with the Limited (14) Taking Her Measure (15) His Wife's Husband (15) Down on the Farm (15) It Happened on Friday (15) His Only Pants (15) The Baby's Fault (15) A Mixed Up Elopement (15) His Nobs the Duke (15) Her Friend, the Milkman (15) Wanted…A Chaperone (15) Following Father's Footsteps (15) When Cupid Crossed the Bay (15) With Father's Help (15) Too Many Crooks (15) Their Friend, the Burglar (15) On His Wedding Day (15) There's Many a Slip (15) When Hubby Grew jealous (15) When Their Dads Fell Out (15) When Father Had the Gout (15) The Tale of His Pants (15) The Rise and Fall of Officer 13 (15) It Happened While He fished (15) Dan Cupid: Fixer (15) Kids and Corsets (15) His Lucky Vacation (15) A Maid and a Man (15) He Fell in a Cabaret (15) Molly's Malady (15) It Almost Happened (15) When a Man's Fickle (15) And the Best Man Won (15) A One Cylinder Courtship (15) The Frame-Up on Dad (15) Circumstantial Scandal (15) Father's Helping Hand (15) Those Kids and Cupid (15) Father's Lucky Escape (15) A Looney Love Affair (15) Wanted: A Leading Lady (15) Saved by a Skirt (15) When Father Was the Goat (15) Operation on Cupid (15) Keeping It Dark (15) Her SpeedyAffair (15) Her Husband's Wife (16) The Deacon's Widow (16) Mixed Kids (16) The Boy the Girl and the Auto (16) The Disappearing Groom (16) Their Only Son (16) Across the Hall (16) Love One Another (16) He Almost Eloped (16) Billie's Double (16) How Times Do Change (16) Some Honeymoon (16) His Neighbor's Wife (16) Never Lie to Your Wife (16) The Janitor's Busy Day (16) Love and Brass Buttons (16) Good Night, Nurse (16) Never Again eddie! (16) Twixt Love and the Iceman (16) Their Awful Predicament (16) What Could the Poor Girl Do? (16) Seminary Scandal (16) His Baby (16) By the Sad Sea Waves (16) Cold Hearts and Hot flames (16) His Wooden Leg (16) His Wedding Night (16) His Friend, the Elephant (16) Tramp, Tramp,, Tramp (16) Miss Billie Buttons (16) His at Six O'Clock (16) His Model Wife (17) Black Hands and Soapsuds (17) A Gay Deceiver (17) Kidding Sister (17) His Flirting Ways (17) Clothes and the Man (17) Her Hero (17) When Mary took the Count (17) Putting Her Foot in It (17) Twice in the Same Place (17) Kleptomaniacs (17) And in Walked Uncle (17) Trixie of the Follies (17) Two of a Kind (17) Bluffing Father (17) Who's Looney Now? (17) A Two-Cylinder Courtship (17) Mary's Merry Mix-Up (17) A Maid to Order (17) Just Kidding (17) Little Miss Fixer (17) Her Awful Fix (18) Mary's Boomerang (17) Burglars (18) Their Little Kid (18) Somebody's Widow (18) Her Friend Brown (18) Up in the Air (18) Finishing Mary (18) His Quaker Girl (18) Up She Goes (18) For Art's Sake (18) Her Terrible Time (18) The Girl of My Dreams (18) She Couldn't Grow Up (19) Hoop-La (19) The Love Call (19) In Search of Arcady (19)