Dorothy Revier

1904 - 1993

The actress Dorothy Revier was born as Doris Velegra in San Francisco. Because her father was a musician she came into contact with this profession at an early age. She had her first appearances as a teenager in a choir, than as a dancer in a night club.

She made her film debut in 1921 with "Life's Greatest Question", the director Harry Revier became her first husband.
In the next years followed many other movies in which she became established as a silent movie vamp. To these productions belong "The Broadway Madonna" (22), "The Supreme Test" (23), "The Sword of Valor" (24), "The Virgin" (24), "The Rose of Paris" (24), "An Enemy of Men" (25), "When Husbands Flirt" (25), "The False Alarm" (26), "Poor Girls" (27), "The Tigress" (27), "Beware of Blondes" (28) and "Cleopatra" (28).

She impersonated the role of Lady De Winter at filmlegend Douglas Fairbanks' side in "The Iron Mask" (29).

The transition to the talkies didn't cause any problems for her, it followed many engagements in so-calles B movies like "Murder on the Roof" (30) "Call of the West" (30), "The Black Camel" (31), "Arm of the Law" (32), "The Widow in Scarlet" (32), "The King Murder" (32), "Above the Clouds" (33), "Unknown Blonde" (34), "Circus Shadows" (35) and "The Lady in Scarlet" (35).

After the movie "The Cowboy and the Kid" (36) she retired from the film business and devoted to the writing and painting.

Other movies with Dorothy Revier:
The Wild Party (23) Marry in Haste (24) Do It Now (24) The Martyr Sex (24) Down by the Rio Grande (24) The Other Kind of Love (24) Call of the Mate (24) Border Women (24) That Wild West (24) The Cowboy and the Flapper (24) Man from God's Country (24) Dangerous Pleasure (25) The Danger Signal (25) Just a Woman (25) Sealed Lips (25) The Fate of a Flirt (25) Steppin' Out (25) The Far Cry (26) Poker Faces (26) When the Wife's Away (26) The Better Way (26) Stolen Pleasures (27) Wandering Girls (27) The Price of Honor (27) The Clown (27) The Drop Kick (27) The Warning (27) The Siren (27) The Red Dance (28) Sinner's Parade (28) The Quitter (29) The Donovan Affair (29) Father and Son (29) Light Fingers (29) The Dance of Life (29) Tanned Legs (29) The Mighty (29) Vengeance (30) Hold Everything (30) The Squelar (30) The Way of All Men (30) The Bad Man (30) The Avenger (31) Graft (31) Leftover Ladies (31) Anybody's Blonde (31) The Last Ride (31) Sin's Pay Day (32) Sally of the Subway (32) Night World (32) Beauty Parlor (32) Secrets of Wu Sin (32) No Living Witness (32) A Scarlett Week-End (32) By Candlelight (33) Love Is Dangerous (33) The Thrill Hunter (33) Green Eyes (34) The Fighting Ranger (34) The Curtain Falls (34) When a Man Sees Red (34) Twenty Dollars a Week (35) Circumstantial Evidence (35) The Eagle's Brood (35)