George Relph

George Relph

1888 - 1960

The actor George Relph was a busy theater actor and he made his stage debut in 1905 in the play "Othello" at the Theatre Royal to Grimsby. It soon followed engagements at other theaters and finally he went on tour which led him to Paris, to the Broadway and to Australia. His career was interrupted by World War I when he served for the British army. 
He soon was injured by a shot into his leg and he returned to the civilization. But for the present the injury restrained him to continue his acting career. 

When he rebound again he continued his career at the theater and from 1915 he also appeared in first movies like "The Lure of Woman" (15), "A Butterfly on the Wheel" (15) und "Paying the Price" (16).

Because his main attention remained to the theater he only appeared in few more movies over the next decades. To these movies belong the silent movie "The Door That Has No Key" (21) and the talkies "The Ghoul" (33), "Too Dangerous to Live" (39) and "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" (47).

To his last cinematical works belong "The Final Test" (54), "Doctor at Large" (57) and in the role of Tiberius Caesar in "Ben Hur" (59).

George Relph was nominated for a Tony Award in 1958 for the best supporting role in "The Entertainer".

Other movies with George Relph:
The Ballet Girl (16) Her Maternal Right (16) Candytuft, I Mean Veronica (21) Now You're Talking (40) Give Us the Moon (44) I Believe in You (52) The Titfield Thunderbolt (53) Serie "H.M. Tennent Globe Theatre: The Living Room" (56) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Wild Duck" (57) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: John Gabriel Borkman" (58) Davy (58)