Cyril Raymond

1899 - 1973

The actor Cyril Raymond grew up in the Grand Hotel in Bristol where his mother was the hotel manageress. He already lost his father in 1906 who died in the same hotel.

He already entered the film business in 1916 and he took part in the movies "The Hypocrites" (16) and "Disraeli" (16).

In the 20s followed other silent movies with Cyril Raymond, to these productions belong "The Scarlet Kiss" (20), "Wuthering Heights" (20), "Sonia" (21), "Sappho" (22) and "Cocaine" (22).

Cyril Raymond managed the change to the sound film without problems and he became a demanded support actor of the 30s and 40s.
To his movies of that time belong "The Ghost Train" (31), "Condemned to Death" (32), "The Frightened Lady" (32), "The Lure" (33), "Home, Sweet Home" (33), "The Tunnel" (35), "Accused" (36), "Stardust" (38), "The Spy in Black" (39), "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (39), "Brief Encounter" (45) and "This Was a Woman" (48).

His cinematical career was interrupted during World War II and he served as a RAF fighter controller in the Battle of Britain. Later he was awarded with the MBE and became a Wing Commander.

Television became a more important factor in his career after the war, beside it he still appeared in other big screen productions.
To his last movies belong "Angels One Five" (52), "The Crowded Day" (54), "The Baby and the Battleship" (56), "The Safecracker" (58), "Dunkirk" (58), "Carry on Regardless" (61), "No Hiding Place" (64) and "Night Train to Paris" (64).

Cyril Raymond was married with the actresses Iris Hoey and Gillian Lind.

Other movies with Cyril Raymond:
I Will (19) His Last Defence (19) Single Life (21) Moth and Rust (21) The Norwood Builder (22) The Faithful Heart (22) These Charming People (31) The Happy Ending (31) A Man of Mayfair (31) The Shadow (33) The Man Outside (33) Strike It Rich (33) Mixed Doubles (33) Keep It Quiet (33) Royal Cavalcade (35) It's Love gain (36) Tomorrow We Live (36) Thunder in the City (37) Dreaming Lips (37) Night Alone (38) Come on George! (39) Saloon Bar (40) The First of the Few (42) Men of Two Worlds (46) Quartet: The Colonel's Lady (48) The Jack of Diamonds (49) Rough Shoot (53) The Heart of the Matter (53) The Gay Dog (54) Serie "The Vise: One Just Man" (54) Lease of Life (54) Charley Moon (56) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Mrs. Inspector Jones" (56) Serie "Armchair Theatre: Dear Murderer" (57) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Robert Lancaster – Waters of the Moon" (59) Serie "BBC SundayNight Play: The Colonel" (60) Serie "Danger Man: Name, Date and Place" (61) No Kidding (61) Don't Talk to Strange Men (62) Serie "The Plane Makers: It's a Free Country: Isn't It?" (64) Serie "Thursday Theatre: A Day by the Sea" (64)

The Jack of Diamonds (49)