Eddy Polo

Photo: Jack Freulich (1880-1936)

1875 - 1961

The actor Eddy Polo was not born in the USA as often written but as Eddie Weimer in Vienna. He belonged to the early stars of the cinema. As "Hercules of the Screen" he went down into film history. 

First he worked together with his brother Sam as a catchman in a trapeze act in Vienna called the Flying Cordovas, before he went to the USA. There he already took part in the movie "The Light Woman" (13) and from 1915 he became a very demanded actor for normally heroic roles. 
To his early silent movies belong "The Broken Coin" (15), "Liberty" (16), "The Bronze Bride" (17), "The Gray Ghost" (17), "Bull's Eye" (18) and "A Prisoner for Life" (19). 

With the movie "A Phantom Fugitive" (19) began a whole string of movies in which Eddy Polo impersonated the figure of "Cyclone Smith" (all in 1919), so in "The Wild Rider (19), "A Pistol Point Proposal" (19), "Down But Not Out" (19), "Cyclone Smith's Partner" (19) and "The Missing Bullet" (19). 

His appearances became more seldom in the 20's. He took part in the well-known movies "The Vanishing Dagger" (20) - which he also directed - "King of the Circus" (20), "The Secret Fou" (21), "Captain Kidd" (22) and "Dangerous Hour" (23). Finally he went to Germany where he became very popular again, beside it he also realised three movies as a director - "Die Eule" (26), "Der Geheimtresor" (27) and "Eddy Polo mit Pferd und Lasso" (28). 

In the 30's he played small parts in the talkies "Zeugen gesucht" (30), "It's a Date" (40), "The Wolf Man" (41) and "Crazy House" (43) - his last movie. 

Other movies with Eddy Polo: 
The Hidden City (15) When a Queen Loved O'Rourke (15) The Road to Paradise (15) X-3 (16) Good Morning, Judge (16) The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring (16) A Kentucky Cinderella (17) The Plow Woman (17) Money Madness (17) Lure of the Circus (18) Klever Kiddies (19) Cyclone Smith's Comeback (19) Cyclone Smith Plays Trumps (19) For Life (19) Do or Die (21) Prepared to Die (23) Eddy Polo im Wespennest (28) Der gefesselte Polo (28) Hände hoch, hier Eddy Polo (28) Ist Eddy Polo schuldig? (28) Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins (29) Auf Leben und Tod (29) Geheimpolizisten (29) Rache für Eddy (29) Der Teufelsreporter (29) Zeugen gesucht (30) Es geht um alles (32) Son of Roaring Dan (40) Gang Busters (42)