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Zasu Pitts

1894 - 1963

Die Schauspielerin Zasu Pitts feierte ihr Bühnendebüt 1915 und wurde bereits zwei Jahre später durch den Drehbuchautorin Frances Marion für den Film entdeckt.
Vor allem in Komödien feierte sie in den kommenden Jahren grosse Erfolge und avancierte bald zu einem beliebten Filmstar.
Zu ihren ersten Filmen gehören "Thillie of the Nine Lives" (17), "His Fatal Beauty" (17), "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (17), "The Little Princess" (17), "A Society Sensation" (18) mit den legendären Rudolph Valentino, "A Lady's Name" (18), "Better Times" (19) und "The Other Half" (19).

Der Höhepunkt ihrer Laufbahn folgte in den 20er Jahren, dazu gehören "Heart of Twenty" (20), "Patsy" (21), "Youth to Youth" (22), "Triumph" (24), "Changing Husbands" (24) und schliesslich Erich von Strohheims Meisterwerk "Greed" (24). Mit dieser überraschenden Rolle katapultierte sich Zasu Pitts endgültig in die Riege der ganz grossen Darstellerinnen, die auch in ernsthaften Rollen zu überzeugen wussten. Der Film floppte zu seiner Zeit, gilt heute aber als eines der bedeutendsten Werke des amerikanischen Stummfilms.
Weitere Filme der 20er Jahre sind "The Great Divide" (25), "The Business of Love" (25), " Monte Carlo" (26), "Risky Business" (26), "The Honeymoon" (28), "The Wedding March" (28), "The Dummy" (29) und "Her Private Life" (29).

Der Übergang zum Tonfilm bereitete ihr keine Probleme und setzte ihre Laufbahn fort mit Filmen wie "The Squealer" (30), "Beyond Victory" (31), "The Guardsman" (31), "Destry Rides Again" (32), "Westward Passage" (32), "Blondie of the Follies" (32), "Out All Night" (33), "The Meanest Gal in Town" (34), "Hot Tip" (35), "Wanted!" (37), "52nd Street" (37) und "The Lady's from Kentucky" (39).

In den 40er Jahren nahmen die Filmangebote ab, daneben folgten Arbeiten für das Radio und das Fernsehen sowie Auftritte am Broadway.
Zu ihren Filmen der 40er Jahre gehören "It All Came True" (40), "Niagara Falls" (41), "Miss Polly" (41), "Let's Face It" (43), "The Perfect Marriage" (47) und "Life with Father" (47).

Die 50er Jahre wurden dominiert von Auftritten für das Fernsehen, dazwischen entstanden nur noch wenige weitere Kinofilme.
Zu ihren letzten filmischen Arbeiten gehören "Francis" (50), "This Could Be the Night" (57), "The Teenage Millionaire" (61) und "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" (63) - einem würdigen Abschluss einer eindrucksvollen Karriere.

Weitere Filme mit Zasu Pitts:
A Desert Dilemma (17) He Had 'em Buffaloed (17) Uneasy Money (17) Canning the Cannibal King (17) The Battling Bellboy (17) O-My the Tent Mover (17) Behind the Map (17) Why They Left Home (17) '14-'17 (17) A Modern Musketeer (17) Who's Your Wife? (18) Good Night, Paul (18) How Could You, Jean? (18) The Pie Eyed Piper (18) The Talk of the Town (18) As the Sun Went Down (19) Men, Women, and Money (19) Poor Relations (19) Seeing It Through (20) Bright Skies (20) Is Matrimony a Failure? (22) For the Defense (22) A Daughter of Luxury (22) Poor Men's Wives (23) The Girl Who Came Back (23) Three Wise Fools (23) Tea: With a Kick! (23) West of the Water Tower (23) Sunlight of Paris (24) Daughters of Today (24) The Goldfish (24) Legend of Hollywood (24) Wine of Youth (24) The Fast Set (24) Secrets of the Night (24) The Re-Creation of Brian Kent (25) Old Shoes (25) Pretty Ladies (25) A Woman's Faith (25) Thunder Mountain (25) Lazybones (25) Wages for Wives (25) The Great Love (25) Mannequin (26) What Happened to Jones (26) Early to Wed (26) Sunny Side Up (26) Her Big Night (26) Casey at the Bat (27) 13 Washington Square (28) Wife Savers (28) Buck Privates (28) Sins of the Fathers (28) The Squall (29) Twin Beds (29) The Argyle Case (29) Oh, Yeah! (29) Paris (29) The Locked Door (29) This Thing Called Love (29) No, No, Nanette (30) Honey (30) The Devil's Holiday (30) Little Accident (30) Monte Carlo (30) War Nurse (30) The Lottery Bride (30) Riverj's End (30) Sin Takes a Holiday (30) Free Love (30) Passion Flower (30) Finn and Hattie (31) The Bad Sister (31) Let's Do Things (31) Seed (31) A Woman of Experience (31) Their Mad Moment (31) Catch as Catch Can (31) The Big Gamble (31) The Pajama Party (31) Penrod and Sam (31) War Mamas (31) The Secret Witness (31) On the Loose (31) The Unexpected Father (32) Broken Lullaby (32) Seal Skins (32) Steady Company (32) Red Noses (32) Shopworn (32) Strictly Unreliable (32) The Trial of Vivienne Ware (32) Strangers of the Evening (32) The Old Bull (32) Is My Face Red? (32) Back Street (32) Make Me a Star (32) Roar of the Dragon (32) The Vanishing Frontier (32) Show Business (32) The Soilers (32) Alum and Eve (32) The Crooked Circle (32) Once in a Lifetime (32) Madison Sq. Garden (32) Sneak Easily (32) They Just Had to Get Married (33) Asleep in the Feet (33) Maids a la Mode (33) The Bargain of the Century (33) Hello, Sister (33) Her First Mate (33) One Track Minds (33) Professional Sweetheart (33) Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (33) Meet the Baron (33) Aggie Appleby Maker of Men (33) Mr. Skitch (33) Three on a Honeymoon (34) Two Alone (34) Sing and Like It (34) Love Birds (34) Private Scandal (34) Their Big Moment (34) Dames (34) Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (34) The Gay Bride (34) Ruggles of Red Gap (35) Spring Tonic (35) She Gets Her Man (35) Going Highbrow (35) The Affair of Susan (35) Thirteen Hours by Air (36) Mad Holiday (36) The Plot Thickens (36) Sing Me a Love Song (36) Merry Comes to Town (37) Forty Naughty Girls (37) Naughty But Nice (39) Mickey the Kid (39) Nurse Edith Cavell (39) Eternally Yours (39) No, No, Nanette (40) Uncle Joe (41) Broadway Limited (41) Weekend for Three (41) Mexican Spitfire's Baby (41) Mexican Spitfire at Sea (42) The Bashful Bachelor (42) So's Your Aunt Emma (42) Tish (42) Breakfast in Hollywood (46) Serie "The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre: The Flattering Word" (48) Denver and Rio Grande (52) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Ramshackle Inn" (49) Francis Joins the WACS (54) Serie "General Electric Theater: Pardon My Aunt" (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Happy Touch" (54) Serie "The Best of Broadway: The Man Who Came to Dinner" (54) Serie "Screen Directors Playhouse: The Silent Partner" (55)  Serie "The 20th Century-Fox Hour: Mr. Belvedere" (56) Serie "Private Secretary: Not Quite Paradise" (57) Serie "The Gale Storm Show: Beat the Band" (58) Serie "The Gale Storm Show: Happily Unmarried" (58) Serie "The Gale Storm Show: Secret Assignment" (58) Serie "The Dennis O'Keefe Show: Dimples" (60) Serie "Guestward Ho!: Lonesome's Gal" (61) Serie "Perry Mason: The Case of the Absent Artist" (62) The Thrill of It All (63) Serie "Burke's Law: Who Killed Holly Howard?" (63)