Arthur Pinero

Photo: Stanislaw Walery (1830-1890)

1850 - 1934

Arthur PineroThe author and screenwriter Arthur Pinero first began a law school but stopped studying later. He went to R.H. Wyndham's Company in 1874 and made first experiences as an actor. 

After his change at the Lyceum Theater he also began to write first plays and especially the comedies made him very popular. 
To his first plays belong "Daisy's Escape" (1879) and "Bygones" (1880). 

During his career he wrote about 60 plays, among others "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" (1893), "The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith" (1895) and "Trelawny of the Wells" (1898).

His works were soon spotted by the film business and the first filming came in 1915 into being with "Sweet Lavender" (15). In the next years followed many other filmings of his plays like "Iris" (16), "Trelawny of the Wells" (16), "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" (16), "The Amazons" (17), "The Gay Lord Quex" (19), "A Slave of Vanity" (20), "The Enchanted Cottage" (24) and "His House in Order" (28).
Beside it he also wrote some scripts himself for the movies "The Profligate" (17), "The Gay Lord Quex" (17) and "The Magistrate" (21).

After Arthur Pinero's death followed numerous other film versions based on his plays, to these productions belong "Those Were the Days" (34), "Dandy Dick" (35), "Trelawny of the Wells" (38), "The Enchanted Cottage" (45), "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" (52) and "The Schoolmistress" (67).

Arthur Pinero belonged to few authors who also wrote strong roles for women and his plays became a demanded challenge for many actresses of his time. 

Arthur Pinero was knighted in 1909 for his credits.

Other movies from Arthur Pinero (filmed books):
The Mind-the-Paint Girl (16) Bonds of Love (19) The Mind-the-Paint Girl (19) The Loves of Letty (19) His House in Order (20) Mid-Channel (20) Sweet Lavender (20) The Truth About Husbands (20) The Actress (28) The Gay Lord Quex (38) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Magistrate" (51) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: The Enchanted Cottage" (52) Serie "Lux Video Theaitre: The Enchanted Cottage" (55) Serie "The Victorians: Sweet Lavender" (63) Serie "BBC Play of the Month: Trelawny of the Wells" (72) Serie "BBC Play of the Month: The Magistrate" (72) Serie "BBC Play of the Month: The Gay Lord Quex" (83) 

Masks and Faces (17)