Harry Pilcer

Harry Pilcer

1885 - 1961

The dancer, choreographer and actor Harry Pilcer began his stage career already as a teenager in 1899 and at the beginning of the 20th century he became a demanded interpreter in musicals on Broadway. 

He met the actress Mae West in 1911 and they appeared together on stage. But his international breakthrough came one year later when he het the actress, singer and dancer Gaby Deslys. They became engaged privately as well and Harry Pilcer composed for the "The Gaby Glide" dance, which they staged in the Broadway play "Vera Violetta".

They continued their collaboration, first in the USA in Broadway plays like "The Honeymoon Express" (13), "The Belle of Bond Street" (14) and "Stop Look! Listen!" (16), afterwards in Paris as well. Because of their great success the film business became aware of this couple and the acted together in the movies "Her Triumph" (15), "Bouclette" (18) and "Le Dieu du hasard" (19).

When Gaby Deslys died at the age of only 38 in 1920 Harry Pilcer fell into a deep black hole but was able to liberate again fortunately.

From 1920 he joined the famous dancer and singer Minstinguette and they appeared together in European musical halls, at cabarets and on Broadway for the next 10 years.
After 1922 he also carried successfully a dancing school in Paris.

In 1929 he appeared again in few movies with "Détresse" (29) and "La femme rêvée" (29), it followed a longer interruption before he took part in the sound movies "Thank You Lucky Stars" (43) and "The Razor's Edge" (46).

He spent his last years in France where he died at the age of 75.