House Peters

Photo: Jack Freulich (1880-1936)

1880 - 1967

The actor House Peters was born as Robert House Peters in England. He grew up in Australia and went to San Francisco later where he began his career as a stage actor. He made his film debut in 1913 at Mary Pickford's side - she was one of the greatest star of the early silent film - for the production "In the Bishop's Carriage" (13).
In the same year he took part in some other movies and House Peters soon became a demanded silent movie actor.
To these movies belong "An Hour Before Dawn" (13) and "A Lady of Quality" (13).

Thank to his versatile repertoire of emotional roles he got the nickname "The Star of a Thousand Emotions". Personally he preferred to impersonate villains.

To his other silent movies of the 10s belong "Salomy Jane" (14), "The Girl of the Golden West" (15), "Mignon" (15), "The Great Divide" (15), "As Men Love" (17), "Heir of the Ages" (17) and "The Forfeit" (19).

His last great movies came at the beginning of the 20s into being, among them "The Leopard Woman" (20), "The Invisible Power" (21), "The Storm" (22), "Human Hearts" (22) and "Don't Marry for Money" (23).

He got a contract at Universal in 1924 but he was not able to avoid the diminishment of his popularity and finally he was normally engaged for support roles.
To his last movies belong "The Tornado" (24), "The Storm Breaker" (25), "The Combat" (26) and "Rose-Marie" (28).

Afterwards he retired from the film business and dedicated again to the theater. It lasted till 1952 before he returned for a brief time in front of the camera, both for cinema and television.
To his late appearances in front of the camera belong "The Old West" (52), "Full House: The Clarion Call" (52), "Treasure of the Golden Condor" (53) and an episode of the serial "This Is the Life: Song in the Night" (61).
House Peters was married with the actress Mae King. His son Robert Peters jr. could launch a successful film career as well as House Peters jr. They even appeared together in the movie "The Old West" (52).

Other movies with House Peters:
Chelsea 7750 (13) The Port of Doom (13) Leah Kleschna (13) The Pride of Jennico (14) Clothes (14) The Brute (14) Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (14) The Warrens of Virginia (15) The Unafraid (15) The Captive (15) Stolen Goods (15) Between Men (15) The Winged Idol (15) The Hand of Peril (16) The Closed Road (16) The Rail Rider (16) The Velvet Paw (16) Happiness of Three Women (17) The Lonesome Chap (17) The Highway of Hope (17) Thunderbolts of Fate (19) You Never Know Your Luck (19) Silk Husbands and Calico Wives (20) The Great Redeemer (20) Isobel or The Trail's End (20) Lying Lips (21) The Man from Lost River (21) Rich Men's Wives (22) Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (23) Held to Answer (23) Head Winds (25) Raffles (25) Counsel for the Defense (25) Prisoners of the Storm (26)