Virginia Pearson

Virginia Pearson

1886 - 1958

The actress Virginia Pearson began her acting career at the theater and she appeared on stages in Washington and New York.

She already made her film debut in 1910 with "On Her Doorsteps" (10) but her real film career only concrete form from 1914.
When she worked for Fox Film Corporation she often was casted as a vamp successfully like the then already successful Theda Bara. 

Virginia Pearson became soon a popular movie star with movies like "Aftermath" (14), "The Reward" (15), "The Kiss of a Vampire" (16), "The Hunted Woman" (16), "Hypocrisy" (16), "The Bitter Truth" (17), "A Royal Romance" (17), "Wrath of Love" (17), "Stolen Honor" (18), "The Liar" (18) and "Impossible Catherine" (19).

It followed a brief interruption before acted again in numerous movies from 1922.
To these productions belong "Wildness of Youth" (22), "The Wizard of Oz" (25), "The Phantom of the Opera" (25), "Silence" (26), "Driven from Home" (27), "The Big City" (28) and "Smilin' Guns" (29).

When the sound film became established her film career came to an end. In the 30s she only took part in two more movies in "The Primrose Path" (31) and "Back Street" (32).

Virginia Pearson was married with the actor Sheldon Lewis. They also run an own film production company for several years. 

Other movies with Virginia Pearson:
The Stain (14) The Turn of the Road (15) Thou Art the Man (16) The Writing on the Wall (16) The Vital Question (16) Blazing Love (16) The Tortured Heart (16) Daredevil Kate (16) The War Bride's Secret (16) When False Tongues Speak (17) Sister Against Sister (17) Thou Shalt Not Steal (17) All for a Husband (17) A Daughter of France (18) The Firebrand (18) Her Price (18) The Queen of Hearts (18) Buchanan's Wife (18) The Love Auction (19) The Bishop's Emeralds (19) A Prince of a King (23) What Price Beauty? (25) The Red Kimona (25) The Taxi Mystery (26) Lightning Hutch (26) Mum's the Word (26) Atta Boy (26) The Actress (28) The Power of Silence (28)

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