Lewis Casson

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1875 - 1969

The actor Lewis Casson did not begin his professional life as an actor but learnt the profession of a teacher, later he worked several years as an organ builder for his father's company.

But the acting fascinated him early and he already appeared in an amateuer production in his youth.
When he left his father's company in 1904 he concentrated completely to the acting and he got his first engagement at the Royal Court Theatre where he worked till 1908.

Finally he changed to the theater group of Annie Horniman and appeared at the Gaiety Theatre. There he met the actress Sybil Thorndike and they got married.

With the outbreak of World War I he volunteered for the army where he rose to a major by the Royal Engineers. When he was wounded he was released and he spent the last period of the war as a secretary for the Chemical Warfare Committee - an engagement he regretted later because they also produced poison gas.

He was able to continue his stage career after the war but later he changed to the field of direction in order to support the very successful career of his wife.
He was busy as a director till to the 40's.

he made his film debut as Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice" (27) - shis only silent movie.
In the 30's followed movies like "Escape" (30), "Little Friend" (34), "Rhodes of Africa" (36) with Walter Huston and "Victoria the Great" (37) with Anna Neagle.

After the war came only few more movies into being, among them "The Winslow Boy" (48), "Shake Hands with the Devil" (59) with James Cagney and "Uncle Vanya" (63) with Michael Redgrave.

Lewis Casson was knighted in 1945.

Other movies with Lewis Casson: 
The Merchant of Venice (27) Escape (30) Crime on the Hill (33) The Night Club Queen (34) Little Friend (34) Midshipman Easy (35) Rhodes of Africa (36) Calling the Tune (36) Victoria the Great (37) South Riding (38) Sixty Glorious Years (38) The Winslow Boy (48) Shake Hands with the Devil (59) Uncle Vanya (63)