Gina Palerme

Gina Palerme

1885 - 1977

The actress Gina Palerme was born as Irène de Maulmont in France. She began her stage career in France in 1909 and was able to launch a big theater career in London from 1911.
There she made her debut with the play "The Quaker Girl" (11) and in the next years she took part in numerous theater productions like "Betty" (14), "Bric-a-Brac" (15), "Vanity Fair" (16), "Finsbury" (17) and "The Girl for the Boy" (19), normally musical comedies at the West End Theater.

At this time she was not only a colorful figure on the stage but also impressed the public with her extravagant clothing in her private life. Furthermore she was also very sporty. 

She went back to France in 1920 and from 1921 Gina Palerma also took part in some French silent movies. To these movies belong "L'éternel féminin" (21) directed by Roger Lion", "Margot" (22), the title role in "L'idée de Françoise" (23) with Dolly Davis and Pierre Etchepare, "Au secours!" (24) directed by Abel Gance with the legendary Max Linder, "La bataille" (24) with Sessue Hayakawa and its American film version called "The Danger Line" (24).

Her last cinematical works were "Frou-Frou" (25) directed by Guy de Fresnay and "La clé de voûte" (25) with Georges Colin. The last mentioned movie was produced by Gina Palerme too.

Afterwards she concentrated again to the stage and appeared among others at the Moulin Rouge and at the Concert Mayol. She was still successful as a singer and dancer in music halls.
In 1929 she retired from her artistic career.