Anita Page

1910 - 2008

Anita Page was already very much in demand during the silent movie era and made her film debut in the movie „A Kiss For Cinderella“ in 1925. It followed the movie „Love ‚Em and Leave ‚Em“ (26) and finally her first leading role in „Beach Nuts“ (26).

Anita Page got a long-term contract at MGM and already her first movie for this company was a box-office hit - „Telling The World“ (27). Also her next movies „Navy Blues“ (27) and „The Flying Fleet“ (28) were successful and with „Our Dancing Daughters“ (28) at Joan Crawford's side she became finally a great star. From now on she got more fan mails (10'000 letters per week) than any other star at this time - with the exception of Greta Garbo.

After the movies „While the City Sleeps“ (28), „Our Modern Maidens“ (29) and „Speedway“ (29) she took the hurdle to the talkies without difficulties. Her first talky „The Broadway Melody“ (29) was successful and Anita Page sung in this movie the song „You Were Meant For Me“ which became a number-one hit.

At the beginning of the 30's she worked with comedian Buster Keaton in the movies „Free and Easy“ (30) and „Sidewalks of New York“ (31), after that followed „Gentlemen‘s Fate“ (31) with John Gilbert, „The Easiest Way“ (31) with Clark Gable and „Night Court“ (32) with Walter Huston.

When her contract with MGM expired in 1933 she announced official that she retires from the film business. With this statement she broke the heart of countless fans all over the world - she only appeared in one more movie called „Hitch Hike to Heaven“ in 1936. 
Anita Page was only 23 years old when she retired, this is probably one cause that her name is no longer well-known today like those of Crawford, Garbo, Hepburn or Davis.

She made a comeback in 1996 with the movie "Sunset After Dark" (96), it followed a small part in the movie "The Crawling Brain" (02) six years later.

Anita Page also had a very special fan who wrote her more than one hundred letters from the far Italy and asked her to marry him - Benito Mussolini.

Other movies with Anita Page:
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (29) Caught Short (30) Our Blushing Brides (30) War Nurse (30) Little Accident (30) Reducing (31) Under Eighteen (31) Are You Listening? (32) Skyscraper Souls (32) Prosperity (32) Jungle Bride (33) Soldiers of the Storm (33) The Big Cage (33) I Have Lived (33)