Lilian Oldland

1903 - 1984


The actress Lilian Oldland joined the film business in 1925 and she made her screen debut with "The Secret Kingdom" (25) with Matheson Lang.

Afterwards she was engaged for the role of Millie for the cinema serial about the figure "Bindle", impersonated by Tom Reynolds. 
To these movies belong "Bindle's Cocktail" (26), "Bindle, Millionaire" (26) and "Bindle at the Party" (26).
Beside it she also acted in other productions like "Passion Island" (27) with Walter Byron, "Virginia's Husband" (28) with Mabel Poulton, "The City of Youth" (28) and "A Daughter in Revolt" (28) with Mabel Poulton and Patrick Aherne.

In the sound film era of the 30s came her last movies into being, at the same time she used the pseudonym Mary Newland from now on. 
To these movies belong "To Oblige a Lady" (31) with Warwick Ward and James Carew, "Jealousy" (31) with Gibb McLaughlin, "The Jewel" (33) with Hugh Williams and Jack Hawkins, "Easy Money" (34) and "The Silent Passenger" (35) with Peter Haddon and John Loder.

Lilian Oldland was married with the actor Reginald Denham.

Other movies with Lilian Oldland:
The Secret Kingdom (25) Bindle's Cocktail (26) Bindle, Millionaire (26) Bindle, Matchmaker (26) Bindle Introduced (26) Bindle in Charge (26) Bindle at the Party (26) The Flag Lieutenant (26) Passion Island (27) Further Adventures of a Flag Officer (27) Virginia's Husband (28) The City of Youth (28) Troublesome Wives (28) A Daughter in Revolt (28) To Oblige a Lady (31) The Officer's Mess (31) Jealousy (31) Ask Beccles (33) The Jewel (33) Easy Money (34) Death at Broadcasting House (34) The Small Man (35) The Price of Wisdom (35) The Silent Passenger (35)