Eugene O'Brien

1880 - 1966

The actor Eugene O'Brien first studied medicine at the University of Colorado in order to continue the family tradition and to became a physician. 

But his true passion was for the theater and he finally was engaged for a small role in 1902. 

He soon became established as an actor and was also engaged for musical comedies because of his voice and he sang and acted. 
Finally he came to the Broadway in 1909 and was able to establish himself with dramatic roles too.

He made his film debut in 1915 with "The Lieutenant Governor" (15) and was engaged by Lewis J. Selznick afterwards who made Eugene O'Brien a film star.

In the next years he took part in movies like "The Scarlet Woman" (16), "The Return of Eve" (16), "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (17), "A Romance of the Underworld" (18), "The Perfect Lover" (19) and "The Broken Melody" (19).
He often played together with the greatest actresses of that time like Mary Pickford and especially Norma Talmadge with whom he shot more than 10 movies. 

He established his stardom in the 20's and acted in the productions "His Wife's Money" (20), "Worlds Apart" (21), "The Prophe's Paradise" (22), "Secrets" (24), "Flaming Love" (25), "Fine Manners" (26) and "Faithless Lover" (28).

When the sound film started a new era he retired from the film business and did also not return to the theater. 

Other movies with Eugene O'Brien: 
The Moonstone (15) Just Out of College (15) Poor Little Peppina (16) The Chaperon (16) The Rise of Susan (16) Poppy (17) The Moth (17) National Red Cross Pageant (17) The Ghost of Yesterday (18) By Right of Purchase (18) De Luxe Annie (18) The Safety Curtain (18) Her Only Way (18) The Spirit That Wins (18) Under the Greenwood Tree (18) Little Miss Hoover (18) Fires of Faith (19) Come Out of the Kitchen (19) Sealed Hearts (19) A Fool and His Money (20) The Figurehead (20) The Wonderful Chance (20) Broadway and Home (20) Gilded Lies (21) The Last Door (21) Is Life Worth Living? (21) Clay Dollars (21) Chivalrous Charley (21) John Smith (22) Channing of the Northwest (22) The Voice from the Minaret (23) The Only Woman (24) Dangerous Innocence (25) Siege (25) Graustark (25) Souls for Sables (25) Simon the Jester (25) Flames (26) The Romantic Age (27)