Ivor Novello

1893 - 1951

The actor Ivor Novello was born as David Ivor Davies in Cardiff. Because his mother was a singer he came into contact with the musical side of life at an early age.
Still a pupil he wrote his first composition and was able to achieve a considerable success. It followed singing lessons in London.

He earned first public attention with his song "Keep The Home Fires Burning", which was especially popular among the servicemen. This led to several musical commissions for the West End plays. At the end of Ivor Novello's career he left more than 250 songs.

Ivor Novello made his film debut with the French production "L'appel du sang - The Call of the Blood" and he became a demanded screen idol in the 20's.
Zu his well-known movies of the 20's belong "Carnival" (21), "The Bohemian Girl" (22), "The White Rose" (23), Alfred Hitchcock's "The Lodger" (27) and "Downhill" (27), "The Constant Nymph" (28) and "Der fesche Husar" (28).

His first own play was banned on the screen in 1924 called "The Rat" (25), Ivor Novello impersonated the leading in this one as well as in the sequels "The Triumph of the Rat" (26) and "The Return of the Rat" (28).

There were only few more movies in the 30's in which Ivor Novello appeared as an actor. To these movies belong "Symphony in Two Flats" (30), "Sleeping Car" (33) and "I Lived with You" (33).

After that he concentrated to writing plays and music, especially melodramatic musicals (8 musicals in total), as an actor he was only active on stage.

To Ivor Novello's honour they award the Ivor Novello Award annual to british producers, composers and arrangeurs.

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The Rat (25) The Triumpf of the Rat (27) Downhill (27) Symphony in Two Flats (30) The Lodger (32) But the Flesh Is Weak (32) I Lived with You (33) The Rat (37) Glamorous Night (37) Free and Easy (41) The Dancing Years (48)

Bonnie Prince Charlie (23) Elstree Calling (30) A Soldier's Plaything (30) The Lost Squadron (32) Glamorous Night (37) The Dancing Years (48) 

The Man Without Desire (23) Lovers in Araby (24)