Eille Norwood

1861 - 1948

The actor Eille Norwood was born as Anthony Edward Brett in York, Great Britain.

He began his acting career at the theater and became an established actor before he appeared in a movie called "Princess Clementina" (11) for the first time.

After the silent movies "The Charlatan" (16) and "Temptation's Hour" (16) his real film career started from 1920.

In those years he took part in "The Tavern Knight" (20) and "Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills" (21), afterwards followed the short movie "The Dying Detective" (21) in which he impersonated Sherlock Holmes for the first time.

The movie was such successful and Eille Norwood such convincing as Holmes that the producers created a whole serial - at Norwood's side nearly always Hubert Willis as Doctor Watson. 

To Eille Norwoods numerous movies as Sherlock Holmes belong "The Tiger of San Pedro" (21), "The Empty House" (21), "A Scandal in Bohemia" (21), "The Six Napoleons" (22), "The Red Circle" (22), "The Abbey Grange" (22), "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (22), "The Stone of Nazarin" (23), "The Sign of Four" (23), "The Gloria Scott" (23), "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax" (23) and "His Last Bow" (23).
Non less than the author Arthur Conan Doyle himself said about Eille Norwoods impersonation fo Sherlock Holmes that it was amazing to see Norwood acting as Holmes. Also the critics were enthusiastic about his play and they wrote that Norwood not only played Holmes but WAS Holmes. 

After the end of the Sherlock-Holmes serial Eille Norwood retired from the film business.

Other movies with Eille Norwood: 
The Hundredth Chance (20) Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills (21) A Gentleman of France (21) The Yellow Face (21) The Solitary Cyclist (21) The Resident Patient (21) The Red-Haired League (21) The Priory School (21) The Noble Bachelor (21) The Man with the Twisted Lip (21) The Dying Detective (21) The Devil's Foot (21) The Copper Beeches (21) The Beryl Coronet (21) A Case of Identity (21) The Recois (22) The Crimson Circle (22) The Stockbroker's Clerk (22) The Second Stain (22) The Reigate Squires (22) The Norwood Builder (22) The Naval Treaty (22) The Musgrave Ritual (22) The Greek Interpreter (22) The Golden Pince-Nez (22) The Bruce Partington Plans (22) The Boscome Valley Mystery (22) Charles Augustus Grange (22) Black Peter (22) The Three Students (23) The Speckled Band (23) The Mystery of Thor Bridge (23) The Mystery of the Dancing Men (23) The Missing Three Quarter (23) The Final Problem (23) The Engineer's Thumb (23) The Crooked Man (23) The Cardboard Box (23) The Blue Carbuncle (23) Silver Blaze (23)