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Karel Noll

1880 - 1928

The actor Karel Noll was a very popular national actor in Czechoslovakia who entertained a huge audience with his humorous roles.

The Czeck film business made already use of Karel Noll's talent in 1920. To his first movies belong "Cerven a Karkulka" (20) and "Kruz u potoka" (21).

After movies like "Lucerna" (25) and "Velbloud uchem jehly" (26) followed Karel Noll's biggest success. He interpreted the literary figure "Der brave Soldat Schwejk" for the film for the first time and went down in film history with this role.
The first movie "Dobry vojak Svejk - Der brave Soldat Schwejk" (26) was such a big success that three more film adaptions followed - "Der brave Soldat Schwejk an der Front" (26), "Svejk v ruskern zajeti - Schwejk in russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft" (26) and "Svejk v civilu - Schwejk in zivil" (27).

When Karel Noll took part in the Austrian movie "Das Feldgericht von Gorlice" (27) this was his first foreign movie and there was the justified hope that he would be able to gain a foothold in Europe.

But the destiny turned into an other direction and snatched a highly gifted comedian from the film in 1928 - Karel Noll was only 48 years old.

Other movies with Karel Noll:
Roztrzene foto (21) Don panskeho stavu (25) Pribeh jed noho dne (26) Modche a Rezi (26) V panskern stavu (27) Batalion (27) Modry demant (28)