Cathleen Nesbitt

1888 - 1982

The actress Cathleen Nesbitt began her acting career in 1910 in London with the play "The Cabinet Minister", it followed numerous appearances in the following years. 
One year later she already appeared on Broadway in the USA for the first time. 

Her love to poet Rupert Brooke inspired him to write severel love sonnets, the planned marriage did not come off because he died in World War I. 

From 1915 to 1920 she worked again in the USA where she also made her film debut with "A Star Over Night" (19). 
When she returned to England she concentrated to the theater, she only took part in one more silent movie called "The Faithful Heart" (22). 
Her cinematical work increased from the 30's and she took part in productions like "The Frightened Lady" (32), "Falling in Love" (35), "Hearts of Humanity" (36), "Knights for a Day" (37), "Pygmalion" (38), "The Case of the Frightened Lady" (38), "Fanny by Gaslight" (44), "Caesar and Cleopatra" (45), "Nicholas Nickleby" (47) and "Madness of the Heart" (49). 

She successfully continued both her stage and film career in the next decades, especially TV productions took over a bigger part of her activity. 
To her most popular movies in the next years belong "Black Widow" (54), "Three Coins in the Fountain" (54),, "Desirée" (54), "An Affair to Remember" (57), "Separate Tables" (58), "Mrs Miniver" (60), "The Parent Trap" (61), "The Trygon Factor" (66), "Staircase" (69), "Villain" (71), "French Connection II" (75), Alfred Hitchcock's "Family Plot" (76), "Julia" (77) and "Never Never Land" (80). 

Other movies with Cathleen Nesbitt:
Canaries Sometimes Sing (30) The Passing of the Third Floor Back (35) Well Done, Henry (36) The Beloved Vagabond (36) Against the Tide (37) A Dream of Love (38) Little Dolly Daydream (38) The Gay Lord Quex (38) The Door with Seven Locks (40) The Lamp Still Burns (43) The Agitator (45) Men of Two Worlds (46) Jassy (47) So Long at the Fair (50) Serie "CBS Television Workshop: Riders to the Sea" (52) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: The Mother" (54) Serie "Omnibus: The Last Turn of the Screw" (55) Serie "Producers' Showcase: Reunion in Vienna" (55) Serie "Producers' Showcase: The Women" (55) Serie "Studio One: Grandma Roller Her Own" (55) 
Serie "Studio One: Strange Companion" (55) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: Undertow" (55) Serie "Studio One: Split Level" (55) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: The Primary Colors" (56) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: No License to Kill" (56) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: Sister" (56) Serie "Suspicion: Hand in Glove" (57) Serie "Studio One: The Playwright and the Stars" (57) Serie "Studio One: Bend in the Road" (57) Serie "The DuPont Show of the Month: Wuthering Heights" (58) Serie "Playhouse 90: Heart of Darkness" (58) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: The Reward" (58) Serie "Wagon Train: The Matthew Lowry Story" (59) Serie "Play of the Week: Thieves Carnival" (59) Serie "Play of the Week: Tiger at the Gates" (60) House of Bernarda Alba (60) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: A Time to Decide" (60) Serie "Play of the Week: The Wingless Victory" (61) Serie "Naked City: Dead on the Field of Honor" (61) Serie "Shirley Temple's Storybook: The Little Mermaid" (61) Feathertop (61) Serie "Dr. Kildare: A Million Dollar Property" (61) Serie "The New Breed: Sweet Bloom of Death" (61) Serie "Adventures in Paradise: Flamin' Lady" (61) Serie "Adventures in Paradise: The Inheritance" (61) Serie "Empire: Pressure Lock" (62) Serie "The Nurses: The Third Generation" (63) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: Fair Young Ghost" (63) Serie "Kraft Mystery Theater: Go Look at Roses" (63) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: The Many Ways of Heaven" (63) Promise Her Anything (65) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" (63) Serie "The Farmer's Daughter" (63-65) Serie "T.H.E. Cat: The Blood-Red Night" (67) The Crucible (67) Serie"Play of the Month: Separate Tables" (70) Serie "Dr. Finlay's Casebook: Dead Fall" (70) Serie "ITV Playhouse: The Style of the Countess" (71) Serie "Upstairs, Downstairs: An Object of Value" (72) Serie "Upstairs, Downstairs: Goodwill to All Men" (73) Serie "The ABC Afternoon Playbreak: the Mask of Love" (73) Serie "Notorious Woman" (74) Abide with Me (76) Serie "Supernatural: Lady Sybil" (77) Full circle (77) Night Cries (78) Second to the Right on Till Morning (79) Serie "ITV Playhouse: The Perfect House" (81)