Conrad Nagel

Conrad Nagel

1897 - 1970

The actor Conrad Nagel grew up in an artistic environment, his parents were both musicians. 
After the college he oriented towards the acting and he had first appearances on different stages. 

In 1918 he came to the still young medium film where he soon impersonated romantic lovers because of his good looks. 

He made his film debut with "Little Women" (18), it followed the movies "The Lion and the Mouse" (19) and "Romeo's Dad" (19).

In 1920 he became a movie star with "The Fighting Chance" and in the next years he acted together with all great Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson, Lillian Gish or Pola Negri.

To his well-known movies of the 20's belong "The Lost Romance" (21), "Fool's Paradise" (21), "Hate" (22), "Bella Donna" (23), "The Rejected Woman" (24), "The Snob" (24), "Pretty Ladies" (25), "The Waning Sex" (26), "Heaven on Earth" (27), "London After Midnight" (27), "Tenderloin" (28), "The Mysterious Lady" (28) and "The Kiss" (29).

Conrad Nagel belonged to the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in 1927 which is responsible till today for the much sought-after Oscars.

The transition to the talkies was no problem for him and especially at the beginning of the 30's he impersonated many interesting roles. 

To his popular movies of the 30's belong "The Divorcee" (30), "Du Barry, Woman of Passion" (30), "The Right of Way" (31), "East Lynne" (31), "The Reckless Hour" (31), "The Constant Woman" (33), "One Hour Late" (34), "Ball at Savoy" (36) and "The Mad Empress" (39).

His career on the big screen came more or less to an end in the next decades with few exceptions, instead he became very busy in the new medium television where he often appeared in individual episodes of well-known serials. 

In his last decades he took part in productions like "One Million B.C." (40), "Adventures of Rusty" (45), "The Vicious Circle" (48), an episode of the serial "Crossroads: The Miracle of Faith" (57), "Hidden Fear" (57), an episode of the serial "Bat Masterson: Sharpshooter" (59), "A Stranger in My Arms" (59), an episode of the serial "Perry Mason: The Case of the Torrid Tapestry" (61), an episode of the serial "Gunsmoke: The Prisoner" (62) and an episode of the serial "Dr. Kildare: Believe and Live" (65).

Conrad Nagel was awarded with the Honorary Award because of his engagement for defaulted actors and actresses.

Beside to be a founder member of AMPAS he also belonged to the cofounder of the Screen Actors Guild - an actor union.

Other movies with Conrad Nagel: 
The Redhead (19) Unseen Forces (20) Midsummer Madness (20) What Every Woman Knows (21) Sacred and Profane Love (21) Saturday Night (22) The Ordeal (22) Nice People (22) The Impossible Mrs. Bellew (22) Singed Wings (22) Grumpy (23) Lawful Larceny (23) The Rendezvous (23) Name the Man (24) Three Weeks (24) Tess of the D'Urbervilles (24) Sinners in Silk (24) Married Flirts (24) So This Is Marriage? (24) Excuse Me (25) Cheaper to Marry (25) Sun-Up (25) The Only Thing (25) Lights of Old Broadway (25) Dance Madness (26) Memory Lane (26) Exquisite Sinner (26) There You Are! (26) Tin Hats (26) Slightly Used (27) Quality Street (27) The Girl from Chicago (27) If I Were Single (27) The Crimson City (28) Glorious Betsy (28) Diamond Handcuffs (28) The Michigan Kid (28) State Street Sadie (28) Caught in the Fog (28) Red Wine (28) The Redeeming Sin (29) Kid Gloves (29) The Idle Rich (29) The Thirteenth Chair (29) The Sacred Flame (29) Dynamite (29) The Ship from Shanghai (30) Second Wife (30) Redemption (30) One Romantic Night (30) Numbered Men (30) A Lady Surenders (30) Today (30) Free Love (30) The Bad Sister (31) Three Who Loved (31) Son of India (31) The Pagan Lady (31) Hell Divers (31) The Mann Called Back (32) Divorce in the Family (32) Kongo (32) Fast Life (32) Ann Vickers (33) The Marines Are Coming (34) Dangerous Corner (34) Death Flies East (35) One New York Night (35) The Girl from Mandalay (36) Wedding Present (36) Yellow Cargo (36) Navy Spy (37) The Gold Racket (37) Bank Alarm (37) I Want a Divorce (40) Forever Yours (45) Stage Struck (48) Serie "Studio One: A Wreath of Roses" (50) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: A Star Is Born" (51) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: Interference" (53) Serie "Playwrights '56: The Answer" (55) All That Heaven Allows (55) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Shadow of Evil" (56) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Hit and Run" (56) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Wonderful Gift" (56) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Duel" (57) Serie "The 20th Century-Fox Hour: The Great American Hoax" (57) Serie "Studio One: The Dark Corner" (57) Serie "Studio One: The Weston Strain" (57) Serie "Matinee Theatre: Elementals" (57) Serie "Climax!: The Secret Love of Johnny Spain" (58) Serie "Pursuit: Calculated Risk" (58) The Man Who Understood Women (59) Serie "Mr. Lucky: They Shall Not Pass" (59) Serie "Thriller: The Fatal Impulse" (60) Serie "Route 66: A Fury Slinging Flame" (60) Serie "Route 66: A Month of Sundays" (61) Serie "Naked City: Landscape with Dead Figures" (61) Westhinghouse Presents: The Dispossessed (61) Serie "Ben Casey: An Uncommonly Innocent Killing" (62) Serie "Route 66: Lizard's leg and Owlet's Wing" (62) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: Tunnel to Freedom" (62) Serie "The Defenders: The Naked Heiress" (62) Serie "The Defenders: The Brother Killers" (63) Serie "Car 54; Where Are You?: Here We Go Again" (63) Serie "The Lieutenant: Interlude" (64) Serie "The Defenders: youths and Maidens on an Evening Walk" (65) Serie "ABC Stage 67: The Trap of Solid Gold" (67) 

Love Takes Flight (37)