Carmel Myers

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1899 - 1980

The actress Carmel Myers was in the 10s and especially in the 20s a very popular movie star and she took part in some great film classics of those years. 

First she appeared in small roles in movies like "Georgia Pearce" (15) and "The Jailbird's Last Flight" (16). When her father was called by D.W. Griffith as a consultant for his movie "Intolerance" (16) she got offered a small role too for it.

Finally she was contracted by Universal and she soon became one of the most popular silent movie stars in Hollywood who appeared at the side of the greatest actors of that time.
To her well-known movies belong "Might and the Man" (17), "Sirens of the Sea" (17), "My Unmarried Wife" (18), "The Girl in the Dark" (18), "A Broadway Scandal" (18), "A Society Sensation" (18) with Rudolph Valentino, "All Night" again with Rudolph Valentino and "The Little White Savage" (19).

She worked for several studios in the next years and she experienced the high of her film career in the 20s.
Carmel Myers appeared in successful productions like "The Mad Marriage" (21), "The Kiss" (21), "The Last Hour" (23), "The Little Girl Next Door" (23), "Beau Brummel" (24), "Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ" (25), "Camille" (26), "The Devil's Circus" (26), "Sumuru" (27), "Sorrell and Son" (27), "Four Walls" (28), "The Ghost Talks" (29), "The Careless Age" (29) and "The Show of Shows" (29).

With the rise of the sound film she got offered smaller parts, among others for "The Ship from Shanghai" (30), "The Stronger Sex" (30), "The Lion and the Lamb" (31), "Svengali" (31), "Chinatown After Dark" (31) and "The Countess of Monte Cristo" (34).

In her last movies she only impersonated very small roles, to these productions belong "Lady for a Night" (42), "The Conspirators" (44) and "Whistle Stop" (46).

In 1951 she got her own TV show "The Carmel Myers Show" (51) but the show run only for one season. It followed an appearance in a nepisode of the serial "Studio One: The Magic Lantern" (53) and after an interruption of more than twenty years she took part in an episode of the serial "Chico and the Man: Bird in a Gilded Cage" (75) and "Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (76).

In the 50's when her acting career came to an end she dedicated to the real estate and distributed her own perfume line. 

Her brother Zion Myers was a director and writer in Hollywood.

Other movies with Carmel Myers:
Tough Luck on a Rough (16) Ignatz's Icy Injury (16) The Matrimaniac (16) The Bad Boy (17) Stage Struck (17) A Love Sublime (17) A Daughter of the Poor (17) The Haunted Pajamas (17) The Lash of Power (17) The Wife He Bought (18) The Wine Girl (18) The Marriage Lie (18) The City of Tears (18) The Dream Lady (18) Who Will Marry Me? (19) In Folly's Trail (20) The Gilded Dream (20) Beautifully Trimmed (20) The Dangerous Moment (21) Cheated Love (21) BreakingThrough (21) A Daughter of the Law (21) The Love Gambler (22) The Danger Point (22) The Famous Mrs. Fair (23) Goodbye Girls (23) The Dancer of the Nile (23) The Love Pirate (23) Reno (23) Poisoned Paradise (24) Broadway After Dark (24) Babbitt (24) Garragan (24) The Gay Deceiver (26) Tell It to the Marines (26) The Demi-Bride (27) The Understanding Heart (27) A Certain Young Man (28) Prowlers of the Sea (28) Dream of Love (28) The Bath Between (28) The Red Sword (29) Careers (29) The Careless Age (29) He Did His Best (29) Broadway Scandals (29) A Lady Surrenders (30) Pleasure (31) The Mad Genius (31) Nice Women (31) No Living Witness (32) Pretty Dolly (42) George White's Scandals (45) Serie "Wide World Mystery: Nick and Nora" (75)