Maurice Murphy

1913 - 1978

The actor Maurice Murphy was able to release an impressive career as a child star during the 20s and he played together with the greatest stars of that time.

He made his screen debut at the age of 10 with "The Self-Made Wife" (23), it followed "The Last Man on Earth" (24), "Peter Pan" (24) playing Tootles at Esther Ralston's and Anna May Wong's side, "Stella Dallas" (25) with Ronald Colman and Douglas Fairbanks jr., "Flesh and the Devil" (26) with the dream couple Greta Garbo and John Gilbert, playing the young Beau Geste in "Beau Geste" (26) with Ronald Colman in the title role, "The American" (27) with Bessie Love and "The Spirit of Youth" (29) with Anita Louise.

Maurice Murphy not only managed the step from a child actor to an adult one but also the displacement of the silent film by the sound film. His engagements remained limited to support roles.

Already his first sound film he took part belongs to the classics - Lewis Milestone's "All Quiet on the Western Front" (30) with Lew Ayres.
In the next years followed other popular movies like Howard Hughes' "Hell's Angels" (30) with Jean Harlow and Ben Lyon, "Faithless" (32) with Tallulah Bankhead, "Curly Top" (35) with Shirley Temple, Cecil B. DeMille's "The Crusades" (35) with Loretta Young and Henry Wilcoxon, "Romeo and Juliet" (36) with Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard and John Barrymore, "Under Suspicion" (37) with Jack Holt, "Tovarich" (37) with Claudette Colbert, Charles Boyer and Basil Rathbone as well as "Zaza" (38) with Claudette Colbert and Herbert Marshall.

His film career came to end during the 40s and Maurice Murphy only took part in few more movies. To these productions belong Ernst Lubitsch's classic "To Be or Not to Be" (42) with Carole Lombard and Jack Benny, "Air Force" (42) with Gig Young and "Sensation Hunters" (45).

Other movies with Maurice Murphy:
The Home Maker (25) Thank You (25) Alias the Deacon (27) The Shepherd of the Hills (28) The Call of the Heart (28) The Michigan Kid (28) The Three Outcasts (29) The College Coquette (29) Seas Beneath (31) Women Go on Forever (31) Divorce in the Family (32) Found Alive (33) What Price Innocence? (33) Pilgrimage (33) Tailspin Tommy (34) There's Always Tomorrow (34) The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (34) Private Worlds (35) The Prisoner of Shark Island (36) Gentle Julia (36) Down to the Sea (36) The Road Back (37) The Nurse from Brooklyn (38) My Bill (38) Delinquent Parents (38) Secrets of an Actress (38) Forged Passport (39) Career (39) The Covered Trailer (39) Abe Lincoln in Illinois (40) Wolf of New York (40) The Reluctant Dragon (41) Smith of Minnesota (42) Destination Tokyo (43) A Guy Named Joe (43) See Here, Private Hargrove (44)