Joan Morgan

1905 - 2004

The actress Joan Morgan came already in touch with the film business as a child by her father, the director Sidney Morgan. Her mother Evelyn Wood was an actress too. 
Joan Morgan made her film debut already in 1914 with "The Cup Mystery" (14) and she became a demanded child actress in the next years.
To these movies belong "The Great Spy Raid" (14), "Iron Justice" (15), "Light" (15), "The Perils of Divorce" (16), "The Last Sentence" (17) and "Her Greatest Performance" (19).

She continued her film career successfully in the next years. She took part in the silent movies "The Children of Gibeon" (20), "Little Dorrit" (20), "The Road to London" (21), "The Crimson Circle" (22), "The Great Well" (24), "Shadow of Egypt" (24) and "A Window in Piccadilly" (28).

Her last movie was her first sound film at the same time with "Her Reputation" (31), afterwards she retired as a film actress at the age of 26. 

In 1921 Joan Morgan acted together with the American actor Bryant Washburn in "The Road to London" (25). He was very enthusiastic about her abilities and suggested to continue her film career in the USA. When he later phoned her father and offered a five-year contract including a movie with Charles Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, Joan Morgan's father refused without asking his daughter. At that time the word of her father was law. Later Joan Morgan quarrelled with her fate that her father denied her a career and with it the great fame in the USA. 

After her retirement as an actress she started a second one as a screen writer and she used the pseudonym Joan Wentworth Wood.

To her works as a film author belong "Contraband Love" (31), "The Callbox Mystery" (32), "The Flag Lieutenant" (32), "Chelsea Life" (33), "Faces" (34), "Olympic Honeymoon" (40) and "Dr. Joanne Marlowe" (63).

She also wrote several books, among them "Ding Dong Dell" (43), "The Hanging Wood" (50) and "The Casebook of Capability Morgan" (65).

Joan Morgan died in 2004 at the age of 99.

Other movies with Joan Morgan:
Queenie of the Circus (14) The World's Desire (15) The Woman Who Did (15) The Reapers (16) Temptation's Hour (16) Drink (17) Because (18) Two Little Wooden Shoes (20) Lady Noggs: Peeress (20) The Scarlet Wooing (20) The Truants (22) The Lilac Sunbonnet (22) Swallow (22) Fires of Innocence (22) Dicky Monteith (22) A Lowland Cinderella (22) Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight (23) Whe Woman Tempted (26) Three Men in a Cart (29)

Writer: (as Joan Wentworth Wood) 
Mixed Doubles (33) The Minstrel Boy (37) Lily of Laguna (38) This Was a Woman (48) Serie "Armchair Theatre: This Was a Woman" (57) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Door" (62) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Kidnapping of Mary Smith" (63)