Harry T. Morey

Harry T. Morey

1873 - 1936

The actor Harry Temple Morey belonged to the film pioneers of the USA.

But before he started his career in the film business he was a regular actor on the stage where he impersonated numerous roles both classical Shakespeare characters and in musicals. 

When he joined the film business he did not start as an actor but as a director of the short film "Ben Hur" (07), the first filming at all of this novel. He shared the direction with Sidney Olcott and Frank Rose. The role of Ben Hur was played by Hermann Rottger, the one of Messala by William S. Hart. 

Harry To Morey was signed by Vitagraph Film in 1909 and one year later he made his screen debut as an actor with "Capital vs. Labor" (10).

In the next years he became a demanded actor and he took part in countless short movies of the 10s. 
To these productions belong "Red Eagle" (11), "The Sacrifice" (11), "The Sky Pilot" (11), "Two Wolves and a Lamb" (11), "Billy the Kid" (11), "Indian Romeo and Juliet" (12), "The Lady of the Lake" (12), "The Miracle" (12), "The Bogus Napoleon" (12), "Adam and Eva" (12), "The Deeslayer" (13), "Vampire of the Desert" (13), "The Lion's Bride" (13), "The Wreck" (13), "Shadows of the Past" (14), "The Man Behind the Door" (14), "The Scar" (15), "The Woman in the Box" (15), "Salvation Joan" (16), "The Courage of Silence" (17), "Her Secret" (17), "The Desired Woman" (18), "The Green God" (18), "Fighting Destiny" (19), "The Gamblers" (19) and "The Darkest Hour" (19).

He also appeared in numerous movies in the 20s again, among them "The Sea Rider" (20), "The Gauntlet" (20), "Wildness of Youth" (22), "Captain January" (24), "The Roughneck" (24), "The Adventurous Sex" (25), "Camille of the Barbary Coast" (25) and "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" (29), where he played the villain Professor Moriarty.

With the rise of the sound film his film career came soon to an end and this charismatic actor took part in only few more movies.
To these productions belong "His Honor - Penrod" (32), "The Trans-Atlantic Mystery" (32), "The Shadow Laughs" (33) and "Very Close Veins" (34).

Other movies with Harry T. Morey:
The Fruits of Vengeance (10) Clacy (10) The Trapper's Daughter (11) Snowbound with a Woman Hater (11) On a Tramp Steamer (11) The Return of Widow Pogson's Husband (11) The Strategy of Ann (11) The Price of Gold (11) Intrepid Davy (11) The Bell of Justice (11) Man to Man (11) The Sheriff's Friend (11) The General's Daughter (11) The Three Brothers (11) The Thumb Print (11) Beyond the Law (11) Forgotten or An Answered Prayer (11) Carr's Regeneration (11) The Missing Will (11) The Indian Flute (11) Auld Lang Syne (11) The Meeting of the Ways (12) Caught in the Rain (12) The Blind Miner (12) A Timely Rescue (12) The Love of John Ruskin (12) A Cure for Pokeritis (12) Irene's Infatuation (12) Mrs. Enry Awkins (12) The Old Silver Watch (12) Mr. Boler's Infatuation (12) Working for Hubby (12) Red Ink Tragedy (12) The Cylinder's Secret (12) The Light That Failed (12) The Nipper's Lullaby (12) The French Spy (12) The Extension Table (12) Her Old Sweetheart (12) A Bunch of Violets (12) Aunty's Romance (12) Rock of Ages (12) The Barrier That Was Burned (12) The Light of St. Bernard (12) A Juvenile Love Affair (12) The Counts (12) She Cried (12) The Red Barrier (12) Nothing to Wear (12) As You Like It (12) In the Furnace Fire (12) None But the Brave Deserve the Fair (12) Just Luck (12) Wild Pat (12) The Absent-Minded Valet (12) Doctor Bridget (12) All for a Girl (12) A Woman (12) Casey at the Bat (13) The Delayed Letter (13) Ma's Apron Strings (13) The Man Higher Up (13) Mr. Ford's Temper (13) Suspicious Henry (13) Tim Grogan's Foundling (13) Red and White Roses (13) His Honor, the Mayor (13) Alixe or The Test of Friendsphip (13) The Golden Hoard or Buried Alive (13) Playing with Fire (13) Hearts of the First Empire (13) Bingles Mends the Clock (13) His Life for His Emperor (13) Tricks of the Trade (13) Wild Beasts at Large (13) The Forgotten Latchkey (13) A Regiment of Two (13) The Drop of Blood (13) Song Bird of the North (13) The Lady and the Glove (13) The Line-Up (13) The Tiger (13) Our Wives (13) The Next Generation (13) The Swan Girl (13) A Lesson in Jealousy (13) The Right and the Wrong of It (14) A Million Bid (14) The Battle of the Weak (14) Doctor Smith's Baby (14) My Official Wife (14) Four Thirteen (14) A Costume Piece (14) How to Do It and Why or Cutey at College (14) The Silent Plea (15) The Chief's Goat (15) The Enemies (15) A Pillar of Flame (15) The Girl Who Might Have Been (15) Crooky (15) The Good in the Worst of Us (15) The Shadow of Fear (15) The Man Who Couldn't Beat God (15) On the Turn of a Card (15) To Cherish and Protect (15) A Price for Folly (15) The Making Over of Geoffrey Manning (15) The Ruse (16) For a Woman's Fair Name (16) The Law Decides (16) The Strange Case of Robert Burnham (16) Whom the Gods Destroy (16) Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation (17) Within the Law (17) The Question (17) The Countess (17) Richard the Brazen (17) Who Goes There? (17) His Own People (17) The Other Man (18) A Bachelor's Children (18) The Golden Goal (18) A Game with Fate (18) Tangled Lives (18) All Man (18) The King of Diamonds (18) The Grouch (18) Hoarded Assets (18) Silent Strength (19) Beating the Odds (19) Beauty-Proof (19) The Man Who Won (19) Shadows of the Past (19) In Honor's Web (19) The Birth of a Soul (20) The Flaming Clue (20) A Man's Home (21) Beyond the Rainbow (22) The Rapids (22) The Curse of Drink (22) Where the Pavement Ends (23) The Empty Cradle (23) Marriage Morals (23) The Green Goddess (23) The Painted Lady (24) Barriers Burned Away (25) The Heart of a Siren (25) Headlines (25) Aloma of the South Seaas (26) Twin Flappers (27) Under the Tonto Rim (28) The Fifty-Fifty Girl (28)