Patsy Ruth Miller

Foto: Nelson Evans (1890-1923)

1904 - 1995

The actress Patsy Ruth Miller owed the start of her film career to the actress Alla Nazimova who she met at a party.
She placed Patsy Ruth Miller for a small role in the movie "Camille" (21) with the legendary Rudolph Valentino in the leading part.

Afterwards she soon gained a foothold in the film business and she was engaged for numerous other movies. 
To these productions belong "Handle with Care" (22), "For Big Stakes" (22), "Fortune's Mask" (22), her well-known role as Esmeralda in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (23), "My Man" (24), "Fools in the Dark" (24), "King of the Turf" (25), "Lorraine of the Lions" (25), "Camille" (26), "Hell Bent for Heaven" (26), "So This Is Paris" (26), "Wolf's Clothing" (27), "Shanghaied" (27), "The Tragedy of Youth" (28), "Beautiful But Dumb" (28), "The Fall Eve" (29) and "The Aviator" (29).

The sound film of the 30s marked the end of ther film career and she only took part in "The Last of the Lone Wolf" (30), "Lonely Wives" (31), "The Great Junction Hotel" (31), "Night Beat" (31) and "The Thalians" (32).

Afterwards she retired from the film business and she started her second career as a writer of short stories which were awarded several times. Beside it she also wrote the novel "That Flanagan Girl" (39) and the book "Music in My Heart" about Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

She made a brief comeback as an actress in 1952 with "Quebec" (51), and after another interruption of 27 years she appeared again in front of the camera for "Mother" (78) where she played the title role.

Patsy Ruth Miller was among others married with the director Tay Garnett and the screen writer John Lee Mahin.
Her brother Winston Miller was a well-known screen writer and actor.

Other movies with Patsy Ruth Miller:
One a Minute (21) Camille (21) Handle with Care (22) Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight? (22) Watch Your Step (22) The Fighting Streak (22) For Big Stakes (22), Trimmed (22) Remembrance (22) Fortune's Mask (22) Omar the Tentmaker (22) The Girl Loved (23) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (23) The Drivin' Fool (23) Name the Man (24) Daughters of Today (24) The Yankee Consul (24) My Man (24) Singer Jim McKee (24) The Breaking Point (24) A Self-Made Failure (24) Girls Men Forget (24) Fools in the Dark (24) The Wise Virgin (24) The Breath of Scandal (24) Those Who Judge (24) King of the Turf (25) Her Husband's Secret (25) Back to Life (25) Head Winds (25) The Girl on the Stairs (25) Lorraine of the Lions (25) Red Hot Tires (25) Rose of the World (25) Hogan's Alley (25) Camille (26) The Fighting Edge (26) The King of the Turf (26) Why Girls Go Back Home (26) Oh What a Nurse! (26) HellBent for Heaven (26) So This Is Paris (26) Broken Hearts of Hollywood (26) Private Izzy Murphy (26) The White Black Sheep (26) Wolf's Clothing (27) What Every Girl Should Know (27) The First Auto (27) Painting the Town (27) Shanghaied 827) Once and Forever (27) South Sea Love (27) A Hero for a Night (27) The Tragedy of Youth (28) We Americans (28) Red Riders of Canada (28) Hot Heels (28) Beautiful But Dumb (28) Marriage by Contract (28) The Gate Crasher (28) Tropical Nights (28) The Fall of Eve (29) Twin Beds (29) The Hottentot (29) Whispering Winds (29) So Long Letty (29) The Sap (29) The Show of Shows (29) The Aviator (29) Wide Open (30) The Last of the Lone Wolf (30) Lonely Wives (31) The Great Junction Hotel (31) Night Beat (31) The Thalians (32) Quebec (51) Mother (78)