Victor Milner

Picture Victor Milner

1893 - 1972

The cinematographer Victor Milner began his career already for the film in the 10's and became a leading cinematographer in the 20's and especially in the 30's.

His first work for a movie was "Hiawatha: The Indian Passion Play" (13), afterwards he turned to the Newsreels for Pathé News.

Four years later he conquered the film business as a cinematographer definitely, first for the Balboa amusement Producing Company, later also for Metro, Universal and finally Paramount for which he was busy for nearly 30 years and realised his most successful works.

To his first movies belong "The Velvet Hand" (18), "Haunting Shadows" (19), "Half a Chance" (20), "Shadows of Conscience" (21), "Unmasked" (22), "The Love Letter" (23) and "The Red Lily" (24).

Afterwards began his successful time at Paramount where he shot the silent movies "The Wanderer" (25), "The Lucky Lady" (26), "Children of Divorce" (27), "Half a Bride" (28), "Three Sinners" (28) and "Sins of the Fathers" (28).

In the sound film era of the 30's he experienced his most successful phase of his career, he was nominated for five Oscars and got it for "Cleopatra" (34). 
To his other movies of the 30's belong "The Texan" (30), "Monte Carlo" (30), "This Is the Night" (32), "Trouble in Paradise" (32), "All of Me" (34), "Till We Meet Again" (36), "Desire" (36), "The Plainsman" (36), "The Buccaneer" (38), "Union Pacific" (39) and "What a Life" (39).

The 40's offered him again thankful jobs for which he was nominated again for three more Oscars.
To these movies belong "Those Were the Days!" (40), "Reap the Wild Wind" (42), "The Palm Beach Story" (42), "The Story of Dr. Wassell" (44), "The Princess and the Pirate" (44), "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (46), "It's a Wonderful Life" (46) and "Unfaithfully Yours" (48).

His farewell from the big screen followed in the 50's. Beside an Oscar nomination for "The Furies" (50) he also realised the movies "Dark City" (53), "Carrie" (52) and "Jeopardy" (53).

During his long lasting career Victor Milner worked together with famous directors like Cecil B. DeMille, Ernst Lubitsch and Raoul Walsh and during the early part of his career he also shot many movies with the Western star William S. Hart.

Other movies from Victor Milner:
The Inspirations of Harry Larrabee (17) The Cabaret Girl (18) The Sealed Envelope (19) Out of the Dust (20) One Hour Before Dawn (20) Felix O'Day (20) Her Unwilling Husband (20) Dice of Destiny (20) Live Wires (21) When We Were 21 (21) Play Square (21) What Love Will Do (21) The Cave Girl (21) Her Night of Nights (22) Go Get 'em Gates (22) Dead Game (22) Human Hearts (22) Tracked Down (22) The Gypsy Trail (22) The Kentucky Derby (22) A Dangerous Game (22) The Lavender Bath Lady (22) Gossip (23) The Town Scandal (23) What Love Will Do (23) Cause for Divorce (23) Thy Name Is Woman (24) Her Night of Romance (24) On the Stroke of Three (24) East of Suez (25) Learning to Love (25) The Spaniard (25) You Never Know Women (26) The Cat's Pajamas (26) Kid Boots (26) The Lady of the Harem (26) Blonde or Brunette (27) Rolled Stockings (27) The Way of All Flesh (27) The Spotlight (27) The Showdown (28) Loves of an Actress (28) The Woman from Moscow (28) The Wolf of Wall Street (29) The Wild Party (29) The Studio Murder Mystery (29) River of Romance (29) Charming Sinners (29) The Love Parade (29) The Marriage Playground (29) Paramount on Parade (30) True to the Navy (30) Let's Go Native (30) No Limit (31) Man of the World (31) Kick In (31) Ladies' Man (31) I Take This Woman (31) Daughter of the Dragon (31) Broken Lullaby (32) One Hour with You (32) Une heure près de toi (32) Love Me Tonight (32) Under-Cover Man (32) Luxury Liner (33) The Song of Songs (33) Design for Living (33) One Sunday Afternoon (33) Wharf Angel (34) Cleopatra (34) The Gilded Lily (35) The Crusades (35) So Red the Rose (35) Give Us This Night (36) The General Died at Dawn (36) Bulldog Drummond Escapes (37) Artists & Models (37) High, Wide, and Handsome (37) College Swing (38) Hunted Men (38) Give Me a Sailor (38) Touchdown, army (38) Say It in French (38) Our Leading Citizen (39) The Great Victor Herbert (39) Seventeen (40) Christmas in July (40) North West Mounted Police (40) The Lady Eve (41) The Monster and the Girl (41) My Life with Caroline (41) The Man Who Lost Himself (41) Hostages (43) The Great Moment (44) Wonder Man (45) The Other Love (47) You Were Meant for Me (48) September Affair (50) My Favorite Spy (51)