Clifford McLaglen

1892 - 1978


The actor Clifford McLaglen was born into a big family with a total of ten children. His brothers Kenneth, Lewis, Cyril and the most famous one, Victor McLaglen became actors too.

Clifford McLaglen worked at the beginning of his professional life at a tin mine in Cornwall before he joined the army during World War I. 

After the war he appeared at a circus, among others as a circus rider and performer of lasso tricks together with some of his brothers. Beside it he also appeared at Vaudeville theaters.

He made his film debut in 1923 with the movie "In the Blood" (23) playing the role of Kansas Cat.
In the next years he took part in other silent movies like "Forbidden Cargoes" (25) with Peggy Hyland, "The Chinese Bungalow" (26) with Matheson Lang and Malcolm Tod, "Yvette" (28) - a French production and "The White Sheik" (28) with Lillian Hall-Davies and Warwick Ward.

Finally he was able to gain a foothold in the German film business as well and he acted among others in Richard Oswald's "Villa Falconieri" (28) with Maria Jacobini and Hans Stüwe, "Der Kampf ums Matterhorn" (28) with the legendary Luis Trenker, "Nachtgestalten" (29) with Jack Trevor and Paul Otto and "Das Land ohne Frauen" (29) with the great Conrad Veidt - it was also one of the first German talkies at all.

His last cinematical works came in the 30s into being, among them "Sei gegrüsst, Du mein scshönes Sorrent" (30), "Call of the Sea" (30) with the British dream team Henry Edwards and Chrissie White, "Late Extra" (35) with a young James Mason and "The Mystery of the Marie Celeste" (35) with Bela Lugosi.

Besides movies Clifford McLaglen was also active on stage, e.g. also on Broadway. 

Other movies with Clifford McLaglen:
Boadicea (28) A Little Bit of Fluff (28) Ein Mädel und drei Clowns (28) Don Manuel, der Bandit (29) Das Mädchen von Valencia/Die Schmugglerbraut von Mallorca (29) Grossstadtpiraten (30) Rien que les heures (30) Fundvogel (30) The Bermondsey Kid (33) Off the Dole (35) A Little Bit of Bluff (35) The Marriage of Corbal (36)