Gibb McLaughlin

1884 - 1960

The actor Gibb McLaughlin first played at theaters before he started a second career as a movie actor from 1921. 
To his first movies belong "The Road to London" (21), "The Bohemian Girl" (22), "Three to One Against" (23) and "Odd Tricks" (24).

From the middle of the 20's he became a demanded actor and he took part in the silent movies "The Only Way" (25), "Nell Gwynne" (26), "Madame Pompadour" (27), "The White Sheik" (28) and "The Farmer's Wife" (28), directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

He was able to continue his film career successfully in the sound film era of the 30's and he often impersonated support roles.
To these movies belong "The Woman from China" (30), "Jealousy" (31), "The Mistress of Atlantis" (32), "White Face" (32), "Dick Turpin" (33), "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (33), "The Rise of Catherine the Great" (34), "Jew Süss" (34), "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (34), "The Dictator" (35), "Broken Blossoms" (36), "Hold My Hand" (38), "Almost a Gentleman" (38) and "Inspector Hornleigh" (39).

The 40's and 50's offered him again a lot of roles and Gibb McLaughlin was granted to stay active as an actor till to his death. 
To his most popular movies of the next years belong "Confidential Lady" (40), "Spellbound" (41), "The Young Mr. Pitt" (42), "Caesar and Cleopatra" (45), "Oliver Twist" (48), "The Black Rose" (50), "Top Secret" (52), "Hobson's Choice" (54), "The Man Who Never Was" (56), "The Naked Truth" (57) and "Too Many Crooks" (59).

Other movies with Gibb McLaughlin:
The Pointing Finger (22) Constant Hot Water (23) Should a Mother Tell (25) Somebody's Darling (25) The House of Marney (26) London (26) Poppies of Flanders (27) The Arcadians (27) Glorious Youth (28) Not Quite a Lady (28) Power Over Men (29) The Silent House (29) Kitty (29) Glorious Youth (29) Third Time Lucky (30) The W Plan (30) The Nipper (30) School for Scandal (30) Such Is the Law (30) Potiphar's Wife (31) The Congress Dances (31) Sally in Our Alley (31) The Temperance Fete (32) Where Is This Lady? (32) The Love Contract (32) Lloyd of the C.I.D. (32) Good Night, Vienna (32) The First Mrs. Fraser (32) Money Means Nothing (32) Britannia of Billingsgate (33) High Finance (33) The Thirteenth Candle (33) Bitter Sweet (33) King of the Ritz (33) No Funny Business (33) Friday the Thirteenth (33) Swinging the Lead (34) There Goes Susie (34) The Old Curiosity Shop (34) The Queen's Affair (34) The Church Mouse (34) Chu-Chin-Chow (34) Bloosom Time (34) Little Friend (34) The Iron Duke (34) Drake of England (35) Hyde Park Corner (35) Bulldog Jack (35) Me and Marlborough (35) I Give My Heart (35) All In (36) Two's Company (36) Where There's a Will (36) Juggernaut (36) Irish for Luck (36) You Live and Learn (37) Mr. Reeder in Room 13 (38) Break the News (38) 13 Men and a Gun (38) Hey! Hey! USA (38) The Silver Box (39) Come on George! (39) Spy for a Day (40) That's the Ticket (40) Freedom Radio (41) Penn of Pennsylvania (42) Much Too Shy (42) Tomorrow We Live (43) My Learned Friend (43) Give Us the Moon (44) No Orchids for Miss Blandish (48) Once Upon a Dream (49) The Queen of Spades (49) Night and the City (50) The Lavender Hill Mob (51) The House in the Square (51) The Card (52) The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (52) Grand National Night (53) The Brain Machine (55) The Deep Blue Sea (55) Who Done It? (56) Sea Wife (57) Serie "Dixon of Dock Green: The Light Over the Window" (58) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Younger Generation" (59) Serie "Hancock's Half Hour: The Missing Page" (60)