Cyril Maude

Picture Cyril Maude

1862 - 1951

The actor Cyril Maude was an important theater actor and manager in the 19th and 20th century and could look back on a nearly 70 years lasting career.
During the so-called golden era of the English theater he and his wife Winifred Emery belonged to the most distinguished actors of their time.

Cyril Maude made especially a name with comical characters, his wife was at home in the classical field, still they often appeared together as in the play "The New Woman" (1894).

Cyril Maud was together with Frederick Harrison the manager of  "Theatre Royal, Haymarket" in London from 1896 to 1905 and produced each year an excellent mixture of comedies, costume dramas and classic on stage.

From 1913 he went on tour with a theater company which led him to the USA in 1913 and to Australia and New Zealand in 1917.

He continued his theater career in the 20's with entertainment plays and reached the height of his career. When he went on tour in the USA again in 1926 he was announced as "Englands greatest comedian".

Cyril Maude made his film debut in the 10's and took part among others in "Beauty and the Barge" (14), "The Greater Will" (15) and finally "Peer Gynt" (15), where he impersonated the title role.

However the film kept a by-niche in his career. He appeared in the movie "The Headmaster" (21), after that it lasted nine years till he played in a movie again.

In he sound film era he took part in movies like "Grumpy" (30), "These Charming People" (31), "Counsel's Opinion" (33) and "Heat Wave" (35).

His last cinematical work was "While the Shun Shines" (47), in which he made he farewell appearance in the role of an old admiral.

Other movies with Cyril Maude:
The Headmaster (21) Orders Is Orders (33) Girls Will Be Boys (34)