A. E. Matthews

A. E. Matthews

1869 - 1960

The actor A. E. Matthews first worked as a bookseller before he decided to become an actor. 
He learned his profession from scratch and started as a call boy who was responsible that the actors will not miss there entrance in a play. It followed smallest role till he became a leading actor who appeared at the side of stars like John Gielgud, Ellen Terry and Gerald du Maurier.
When he was very successful in England for many years he made his debut on Broadway in 1910 and was since then busy in England as well as in the USA.
He made his film debut in 1916 and he took part in some silent movies like "Wanted: A Widow" (16), "Once Upon a Time" (18) and "Castle of Dreams" (19).
Afterwards he concentrated again to the theater and only returned to the cinema in 1934. 
In the 30s he took part in the productions "The Iron Duke" (34) and "Men Are Not Gods" (36), and from the 40s he became a regular actor for movies and he impersonated numerous support roles. 
To these movies belong "Quiet Wedding" (41), "Thunder Rock" (42), "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (43), "The Man in Grey" (43), "Love Story" (44), "The Ghosts of Berkeley Square" (47) and "Edward, My Son" (49).
A. E. Matthews continued his film career till to 1960 and he appeared in popular movies like "The Magic Box" (52), "Made in Heaven" (53), "The Million Pound Note" (54), "Aunt Clare" (54), "Around the World in Eighty Days" (56), "Three Men in a Boat" (56), "Doctor at Large" (57), "Carry on Admiral" (57) and "Inn for Trouble" (60).

Other movies with A. E. Matthews:
The Real Thing at Last (16) The Lifeguardsman (16) The Lackey and the Lady (19) This England (41) Pimpernel Smith (41) The Great Mr. Handel (42) Escape to Danger (43) The Way Ahead (44) They Came to a City (44) Twilight Hour (45) Flight from Folly (45) Piccadilly Incident (46) Just William's Luck (47) William Comes to Town (48) Britannia Mews (49) Whisky Galore (49) The Chiltern Hundreds (49) Landfall (49) Mister Drake's Duck (51) The Galloping Major (51) Laughter in Paradise (51) Who Goes There! (52) Castle in the Air (52) Something Money Can't Buy (52) Penny Princess (52) Skid Kids (53) The Weak and the Wicked (54) Hapy Ever After (54) Miss Tulip Stays the Night (55) Jumping for Joy (56) Loser Takes All (56) The Square (57) Serie "The Royalty" (57) Serie "The Sky Larks: Find the Lady" (58)