Ethel Lynne

Ethel Lynne

? - 1943

The actress Ethel Lynne appeared in movies from 1915 for the first time, to her early performances in front of the camera belong "Wanted: A Leading Lady" (15) and "Love and a Savage" (15).

Already in the next year she became a demanded movie actress but her career lasted only few years. 

To her next movies belong "When the Losers Won" (16), "Across the Hall" (16), "He's a Devil" (16), "His Baby" (16), "His Wedding Night" (16), "Bride and Gloom" (17), "Suspended Sentence" (17), "The Milky Way" (17), "The Honeymooners" (17) and "Thirty Days" (17).

To her last cinematical works belong "Five to Five" (18), "In the Dark" (18), "This Way Out" (18), "Brides for Two" (19) and "The Amazing Wife" (19).

After a short interruption followed her last role in the movie "Ever Since Eve" (21).

Other movies with Ethel Lynne: 
Some Chaperone (15) Jed's Trip to the Fair (16) The Boy the Girl and the Auto (16) When Aunt Matilda Fell (16) A Quiet Super for Four (16) Her Friend, the Doctor (169 When Lizzie Disappeared (16) The Janitor's Busy Day (16) He Almost Eloped (16) How Times Do Change (16) A Leap Year Tangle (16) Her Celluloid Hero (16) All Over a Stocking (16) Their Awful Predicament (16) Wanted: A Husband (16) Almost a Widow (16) Catching That Burglar (16) By the Sad Sea Waves (16) The Making Over a Mother (16) Miss Billie Buttons (16) A Gay Deceiver (17) Small Change (17) Oh, for a Wife! (17) Kidding Sister (17) As Luck Would Have It (17) His Flirting Ways (17) Sauce for the Goose (17) Clothes and the Man (17) Twice in the Same Place (17) Practice What You Preach (17) Father's Bright Idea (17) With the Mummies' Help (17) His Last Pill (17) Five Little Widows (17) Skirts (17) He Fell on the Beach (17) A Smoky Love Affair (17) Her Merry Mix-Up (17) Crazy by Proxy (17) Almost a Bigamist (17) Local Color (17) More Haste, Less Speed (17) Stepping Out (17) Nearly a Papa (17) Help! Help! Police! (17) When It Strikes Home (18) Their Honeymoon Baby (18) Many a Slip (18) The Night of His Life (18) Red Crossed (18) The Biggest Show on Earth (18) Love and a Gold Brick (18) Her Slumbering Hero (18) Know Your Neighbor (18) Are Second Marriages Happy? (18) Don't Believe Everything (18) Look Who's Here (18) Hard Luck (19) Stop, Look and Listen (19) Can Wives Be Trusted? (19) He Who Hesitates (19) Lobster Dressing (19) Reno: All Change! (19)