Edmund Lowe

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1890 - 1971

The actor Edmund Lowe belonged since the middle of the 10's to the busy actors who also impersonated countless leading roles before he also played support roles at the end of his career. 

He began his career with the movie "The Wild Olive" (15), it followed "The Spreading Dawn" (17), "Good Night, Paul" (18) and "Eyes of Youth" (19).

In the 20's he became a popular leading actor and he played very different roles in the productions "Johann Baptiste Lingg" (20), "The Devil" (21), "The Last Call" (22), "The White Flower" (23), "The Brass Bowl" (24), "East of Suez" (25), "The Fool" (25), "East Lynne" (25), "What Price Glory" (26), "The Wizard" (27), "Dressed to Kill" (28) and "Happy Days" (29).

The transition to the sound film was no problem for him and he was able to keep his status as a leading actor successfully. 
To his well-known movies of the 30's belong "Born Reckless" (30), "Scotland Yard" (30), "Transatlantic" (31), "The Spider" (31), "Hot Pepper" (33), "Dinner at Eight" (33), "Thunder in the Night" (35), "Seven Sinners" (36), "Espionage" (37) and "The Witness Vanishes" (39).

In the 40's followed again a whole string of feature movies in which he played suppport roles, in the 50's followed also some appearances in TV productions.

To his last cinematical works belong "I Love You Again" (40), "Murder in Times Square" (43), "Dillinger" (45), "Good Sam" (48), "Around the World in Eighty Days" (56), an episode of the serial "Maverick: War of the Silver Kings" (57), "The Last Hurrah" (58) and "Heller in Pink Tights" (60).

Edmund Lowe was among others married with the actress Lilyan Tashman and the costume designer Rita Kaufman.

Other movies with Edmund Lowe:
The Reason Why (18) Vive la France! (18) Someone Must Pay (19) The Woman Gives (20) A Woman's Business (20) Madonnas and Men (20) Someone in the House (20) My Lady's Latchkey (21) Peacock Alley (22) Living Lies (22) A Game of Craft (22) The Spirit of Evil (22) Unseen Foes (22) The Silent Command (23) Wife in Name Only (23) In the Palace of the King (23) Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model (24) Honor Among Men (24) Barbara Frietchie (24) Ports of Call (25) The Champion of Lost Causes (25) Marriage in Transit (25) The Kiss Barrier (25) Greater Than a Crown (25) The Winding Stair (25) Soul Mates (25) The Palace of Pleasure (26) Siberia (26) Black Paradise (26) One Increasing Purpose (27) Is Zat So? (27) Publicity Madness (27) Happiness Ahead (28) Outcast (28) In Old Arizona (28) Makin the Grade (29) Thru Different Eyes (29) The Cock-Eyed World (29) The Painted Angel (29) This Thing Called Love (29) The Bad One (30) Good Intentions (30) Part Time Wife (30) Men on Call (30) Don't Bet on Women (31) The Slippery Pearls (31) Women of All Nations (31) The Cisco Kid (31) Misleading Lady (32) Attorney for the Defense (32) Chandu the Magician (32) Guilty as Hell (32) The Devil Is Driving (32) I Love That Man (33) Her Bodyguard (33) Let's Fall in Love (33) Bombay Mail (34) No More Women (34) Gift of Gab (34) The Best Man Wins (35) Under Pressure (35) The Great Hotel Murder (35) Mister Dynamite (35) Black Sheep (35) King Solomon of Broadway (35) Grand Exit (35) The Great Impersonation (35) The Garden Murder Case (36) The Girl on the Front Page (36) Mad Holiday (36) Under Cover of Night (37) The Squeaker (37) Every Day's a Holiday (37) Secrets of a Nurse (38) Hewsboys' Home (38) Our Neighbors – The Carters (39) Wolf of New York (40) Honeymoon Derferred (40) The Crooked Road (40) Men Against the Sky (40) Double Date (41) Flying Cadets (41) Call Out the Marines (42) Klondike Fury (42) Dangerous Blondes (43) The Girl in the Case (44) Oh, What a Night (44) The Enchanted Forest (45) The Strange Mr. Gregory (45) Serie "Front Page Detective" (51-52) Serie "Crossroads: A Bell for O'Donnell" (55) The Wings of Eagles (57) Serie "Conflict: Execution Night" (57) Plunderers of Painted Flats (59)