Anita Louise

Photo: Arnold Genthe (1869-1942)

1915 - 1970


The actress Anita Louise wurde als Anita Louise Fremault in New York geboren.
Anita Louise already appeared on the stage for the first time when she was six years old - she made her stage debut in the play "Peter Ibbetson". 
At the beginning of her career she used her name Louise Fremault and in 1922 she made her film debut with "Down to the Sea in Ships" (22). It followed other child roles in "The Sixth Commandment" (24), "4 Devils" (28), "A Woman of Affairs" (28) and "Wonder of Women" (29).
In 1929 she changed her stage name again, this time into Anita Louise which she kept this her death.
In contrast to many other child stars she was able to manage the transition from a teenager to an adult actress and was able to continue her career successfully till to the 50s.
In the 30s she took part in many important movies, first as a teenager, later as an adult. To these movies belong  "What a Man" (30), "The Great Meadow" (31), "Heaven on Earth" (31), "The Most Precious Thing in Life" (34), "Madame Du Barry" (34), "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (35), "The Story of Louis Pasteur" (36), "Anthony Adverse" (36), "That Certain Woman" (37), "Tovarich" (37), "Marie Antoinette" (38), "The Little Princess" (39) and "Reno" (39).
In the 40s she often got offered roles in so-called B-movies bevore she dedicated her career to television in the 50s.
Zu her well-known works of those years belong "Wagons Westward" (40), "The Phantom Submarine" (40), "Dangerous Blondes" (43), "Love Letters" (45), "The Bandit of Sherwood Forest" (46), "The Devil's Mask" (46), "Blondie's Big Moment" (47), "Bulldog Drummond at Bay" (47) and the serial "My Friend Flicka" (55-56).
Afterwards she only appeared seldom in front of the camera. To her last cinematical works belong an episode of the serial "The United States Steel Hour: Far from the Shade Tree" (62), an episode of the serial "Mannix: Missing: Sun and Sky" (69) and an episode of the serial "The Mod Squad: Call Back Yesterday" (70).
Anita Louise was among others married with the producer Buddy Adler.

Other movies with Anita Louise:
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