Jacqueline Logan

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1901 - 1983

The actress Jacqueline Logan grew up in a wealthy family, her father was an architect, her mother an opera singer. Therefore she also got music and singing lessons at young age. 

When she finished her education she worke as a newspaper journalist for a brief time before she dedicated to the acting and joined a theater group in Chicago. 

She made her stage debut in 1920 with "Floradora" (20), afterwards he became a member of the legendary Ziegfeld Follies girls. 

One year later she made her film debut in 1921 and became a popular actress in no time.
To her first movies belong "A Perfect Crime" (21), "The Fighting Lover" (21), "Fool's Paradise" (21), "Ebb Tide" (22), "Salomy Jane" (23), "Code of the Sea" (24), "The House of Youth" (24), "Playing with Souls" (25) and "Wages for Wives" (25).

In 1924 Jacqueline Logan was one of the passenger on the yacht "Oneida" of William Randolph Hearst when the director Thomas Ince - with whom she had a movie contract - died under unexplained circumstances. 

In the second half of the 20s followed the height of her career and she normally played leading roles in movies like "The Outsider" (26), "Out of the Storm" (26), "The King of Kings" (27) as Mary Magdalene, "The Leopard Wife" (28), "Midnight Madness" (28), "Power" (28), "Ships of the Night" (28), "The Show of Shows" (29) and "The Faker" (29).

Her film career diminished soon in the 30s and she appeared again on the stage, first on Broadway, afterwards in London.
When she came back to Hollywood she was not able to gain a foothold in the film business again. To her last movies belong "The Middle Watch" (30) and "Shadows" (31). After and interruption of more than 40 years followed her singular comeback with "Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman/Naughty Wives" (73).

As a writer and director she realised the movie "Strictly Business" (31) in Great Britain.

Other movies with Jacqueline Logan:
White and Unmarried (21) Molly O' (21) Gay and Devilish (22) A Tailor-Made Man (22) Burning Sands (22) Saved by Radio (22) A Blind Bargain (22) Java Head (23) Mr. Billings Spends His Dime (23) Sixty Cents an Hour (23) The Light That Failed (23) Flaming Barriers (24) The Dawn of a Tomorrow (24) Dynamite Smith (24) Manhattan (24) A Man Must Live (25) The Sky Raider (25) If Marriage Fails (25) Thank You (25) Peacock Feathers (25) When the Door Opened (25) White Mice (26) Tony Runs Wild (26) Footloose Widows (26) One Hour of Love (27) The Blood Ship (27) For Ladies Only (27) The Wise Wife (27) Broadway Daddies (28) Une nueva y gloriosa nacion (28) The Cop (28) Stock and Blondes (28) The Look Out Girl (28) Nothing to Wear (28) The River Woman (28) Sombras habaneras (29) Stark Mad (29) The Bachelor Girl (29) The King of the Kongo (29) General Crack (30) Symphony in Two Flats (30) 

Knock Out (31)