Harold Lockwood

1887 - 1918

The actor Harold Lockwood belonged to the most popular early movie stars of Hollywood who took part in countless movies in the 10's which elated the audience. 
Especially with the actress May Allison he worked together often and they made more than 20 movies together. They created one of the first film dream couple. 

As a young person he was very sportive and was an excellent swimmer and football player. First it seemed that he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a horse breeder. 
But the theater fascinated him at a young age and he began as an extra on stage. His roles became soon bigger and the way to the film business was only a question of time. 

To his first movies belong "The White Red Man" (11), "A True Westerner" (11), "The Deserter" (12), "The Other Girl" (12), "The Sergeant's Boy" (12) and "Harbor Island" (12).

In the next years he took part in numerous movies, among them "Her Only Son" (13), "Their Stepmother" (13), "The Fighting Lieutenant" (13), "The Flight of the Crow" (13), "Phantoms" (13), "Message from Across the Sea" (14), "Wildflower" (14), "The Conspiracy" (14), "David Harum" (15), "The House of a Thousand Scandals" (15) and "The End of the Road" (15).

Till his tragic death in 1918 he appeared in the productions "The Secret Wire" (16), "The Masked Rider" (16), "The Promise" (17), "Paradise Garden" (17), "The Great Romance" (18) and "A Man of Honor" (18) - for this movie he was also rensponsible as director.

Harold Lockwood died at the age of 31 because of the Spanish influenza which killed more than 30 million persons worldwide. 
His popularity of that time was refected in the issue of the Motion Picture Magazine in 1918, which was published briefly after his death where he was listed as one of the six most popular movie stars.

Other movies with Harold Lockwood: 
The White Red Man (11) Lost Illusions (11) A True Westerner (11) The Law of the Range (11) The Best Man Wins (11) The Lost Address (12) A Brave Little Woman (12) A Matinee Mix-Up (12) Inbad, theCount (12) The Deserter (12) The Feudal Debt (12) Over a Cracked Bowl (12) The Bachelor and the Baby (12) The Heart of a Tramp (12) The Cub Reporter's Big Scoop (12) The Torn Letter (12) A Pair of Baby Shoes (12) His Message (12) The Other Girl (12) The Reckoning (12) The Doctor's Double (12) His Better Self (12) For the Honor of the Seventh (12) The Sergeant's Boy (12) The Altar of Death (12) The Army Surgeon (12) The Ball Player and the Bandit (12) For the Cause (12) The Millionaire Vagabonds (12) Harbor Island (12) The Tide of Destiny (13) The Love of Penelope (13) The Lipton Cup: Introducing Sir Thomas Lipton (13) A Little Child Shall Lead Them (13) Her Only Son (13) The Governor's Daughter (13) Two Men and a Woman (13) The Spanish Parrot Girl (13) God's Way (13) Diverging Paths (13) Love Before Ten (13) Margarita and the Mission Funds (13) The Hoyden's Awakening (13) Tommy's Atonement (13) With Love's Eyes (13) The Tie of the Blood (13) A Welded Friendship (13) Their Stepmother (13) God's Way (13) The Burglar Who Robbed Death (13) Woman: Past and Present (13) Lieutenant Jones (13) The Stolen Melody (13) The Grand Old Flag (13) The Fighting Lieutenant (13) The Mansion of Misery (13) the Flight of the Crow (13) The Child of the Sea (13) the Revelation (13) The Young Mrs. Eames (13) The Bridge of Shadows (13) The Dangling Noose (13) The Hopeless Dawn (13) Phantoms (13) Northern Hearts (13) Her Legacy (13) Until the Sea… (13) A Dip in the Briney (13) On the Breast of the Tide (14) Message from Across the Sea (14) Tony and Maloney (14) Hearts Adrift (14) Through the Centuries (14) Memories (14) Tested by Fire (14) The Attic Above (14) The Smuggler's Sister (14) Elizabeth's Prayer (14) Tess of the Storm Country (14) While Wifey Is Away (14) The Midnight Call (14) When Thieves Fall Out (14) The Squatters (14) The Scales of Justice (14) The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch (14) Such a Little Queen (14) Wildflower (14) The County Chairman (14) The Man from Mexico (14) The Conspiracy (14) The Crucible (14) The White Medicine Man (15) David Harum (15) The Love Route (15) Are You a Mason? (15) The Lure of the Mask (15) Jim the Penman (15) The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs (15) The Great Question (15) The House of a Thousand Scandals (15) Pardoned (15) The End of the Road (15) The Buzzard's Shadow (15) The Tragic Circle (15) The Other Side of the Door (16) The Secret Wire (16) The Gamble (16) The Man in the Sombrero (16) The Broken Cross (16) Lillo of the Sulu Seas (16) Life's Blind Alley (16) The Come-Back (16) The masked Rider (16) The River of Romance (16) Mister 44 (16) Big Tremaine (16) Pidgin Island (16) The Promise (17) A Battle of Wits (17) The Hidden Children (17) The Haunted Pajamas (17) The Hidden Spring (17) Under Handicap (17) The Square Deceiver (17) Paradise Garden (17) The Avenging Trail (17) Broadway Bill (18) The Landloper (18) Lend Me Your Name (18) Pals First (18) Liberty Bond Jimmy (18) The Great Romance (18) Shadows of Suspicion (18) A Man of Honor (18)