Robert Livingston

1904 - 1988

The actor Bob Livingston was born as Robert Edgar Randall. He developed his interest for acting when he worked for a newspaper for which his father worked, and where he published an article about the Pasadena Playhouse. 

Already in 1921 he realised his dream and took part in first movies like "Man-Woman-Marriage" (21), "The Queen of Sheba" (21), "Aloma of the South Seas" (26), "Wings" (27) with Clara Bow, "Sliding Home" (28), "Redskin" (29) and "Rio Rita" (29).

He underpinned his status as an actor in the 30's and was engagend for many movies.
To his countless productions of those years belong "Dixiana" (30), "Shipmates" (31), "Paris Interlude" (34), "Evelyn Prentice" (34), "Mutiny on the Bounty" (35) as Lt. Young at Charles Laughton's and Clark Gable's side, "Three Godfathers" (36), "The Vigilantes Are Coming" (36), "Hit the Saddle" (37), "Outlaws of Sonora" (38), "The Night Hawk" (38) and "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" (39).

The 40's offered him again a lot of engagements, often for western movies. To his well-known movies belong "Lone Star Raiders" (40), "Death Rides the Plains" (43), "The Laramie Trail" (44), "Brazil" (44), "The Big Bonanza" (44), "Dakota" (45), "That's My Gal" (47) and "Riders in the Sky" (49).

His appearances in front of the camera diminished from the 50's, he took part in "Law of the Badlands" (51), "Winning of the West" (53) and "Once Upon a Horse" (58).

It followed a longer interruption before he hade a brief comeback in the 70's with "Girls for Rent" (74), "Naughty Stewardesses" (75) and "Blazing Stewardesses" (75) feierte.

His brother Addison Randall became also an actor, unfortunately he was killed during a scene when he was thrown from a horse.

Other movies with Robert Livingston:
Brown of Harvard (26) The Collegians (26) Old Ironsides (26) The Relay (27) Casey at the Bat (27) Special Delivery (27) A Man About Town (27) Man, Woman and Sin (27) The Winning Punch (27) Our Dancing Daughters (28) Fighting for Victory (28) Junior Luck (29) Sporting Courage (29) College Love (29) Flying High (29) Hit the Deck (30) Sunny Skies (30) Hot Curves (30) Borrowed Wives (30) Dance, Fools, Dance (31) Strangers May Kiss (31) Night World (32) Death on the Diamond (34) The Band Plays On (34) Crime Does Not Pay Series No. 1: Buried Loot (35) West Point of the Air (35) Baby Face Harrington (35) Murder in the Fleet (35) A Thrill for Thelma (35) Whipsaw (35) Small Town Girl (36) Absolute Quiet (36) Speed (36) Suzy (36) Women Are Trouble (36) The Three Mesquiteers (36) Ghost-Town Gold (36) The Bold Caballero (36) Roarin' Lead (36) Riders of the Whistling Skull (37) Larceny on the Air (37) Circus Girl (37) Gunsmoke Ranch (37) Come On, Cowboys! (37) Range Defenders (37) Heart of the Rockies (37) Wild Horse Rodeo (37) The Purple Vigilantes (38) Call the Mesquiteers (38) King of the Newsboys (38) Arson Gang Busters (38) Ladies in Distress (38) Riders of the Black Hills (38) Heroes of the Hills (38) Orphans of the Street (38) Federal Man-Hunt (38) The Kansas Terrors (39) Cowboys from Texas (39) Heroes of the Saddle (40) Pioneers of the West (40) Covered Wagon Days (40) Rocky Mountain Rangers (40) Oklahoma Renegades (40) Under Texas Skies (40) The Trail Blazers (40) Prairie Pioneers (41) Pals of the Pecos (41) Saddlemates (41) Gangs of Sonora (41) Overland Stagecoach (42) Wild Horse Rustlers (43) The Black Raven (43) Wolves of the Range (43) Law of the Saddle (43) Raiders of Red Gap (43) Pistol Packin' Mama (43) Pride of the Plains (44) Beneath Western Skies (44) Goodnight, Sweetheart (44) Storm Over Lisbon (44) Lake Placid Serenade (44) Bells of Rosarita (45) Steppin' in Society (45) The Cheaters (45) Tell It to a Star (45) Don't Fence Me In (45) The Undercover Woman (46) Valley of the Zombies (46) Daredevils of the Clouds (48) Grand Canyon Trail (48) The Feathered Serpent (48) The Mysterious Desperado (49) Mule Train (50) Serie "The Gene Autry Show: The Silver Arrow" (50) Serie "The Gene Autry Show: The Star Toter" (50) Saddle Legion (51) Serie "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok: Blacksmith Story" (52) Night Stage to Galveston (52) Serie "The Lone Ranger: Frame for Two" (52) Something for the Birds (52) Serie "The Cisco Kid" (50-53) Serie "Stories of the Century: Little Britches" (54) Serie "The Lone Ranger: Message to Fort Apache" (54)