Roger Livesey

1906 - 1976

The actor Roger Livesey began his acting career already as a child and he appeared on different stages beginning in 1917. Beside modern comedies he also appeared in Shakepeare plays. 

As a juvenile he made his film debut at the age 15 and he took part in the silent movies "The Four Feathers" (21), "Where the Rainbow Ends" (21) and "Married Love" (23).

Afterwards he concentrated again to the theater before he returned to the big screen in the 30s.

In the next years he took part in the movies "East Lynne on the Western Front" (31), "A Cuckoo in the Nest" (33), "Lorna Doone" (34), "Rembrandt" (36), "The Rebel Son" (38) and "A Cup of Happiness" (39).

His engagements on stages led him also to the USA in the middle of the 30s where he also appeared in numerous successful plays. 

To his most popular movies of the 40s and 50s belong "Spies in the Air" (40), "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (43), in which he impersonated one of his few leading roles, "A Matter of Life and Death" (46), "Men of Darkness" (/48), "The Master of Ballantrae" (53), "The Intimate Stranger" (56) and "The Stowaway" (58).

Roger Livesey remained active as an actor till to his death and besides stage roles he still continued to impersonate roles for cinema and television. 

To his last cinematical works belong "The League of Gentlemen" (60), "The Entertainer" (60), "Of Human Bondage" (64), "The Amourous Adventures of Moll Flanders" (65), "Oedipus the King" (68), "Hamlet" (69), the serial "The Pallisers" (74) and an episode of the serial "Benjamin Franklin: The Rebel" (75).

Roger Livesey was married with the actress Ursula Jeans.

The family tree of Roger Livesey is quite interesting and in a way funny. His uncle and his father were each married with a daughter of the Edwards family and both had two children. When Roger's uncle died and two years later his mother, his father remarried with the widow of his brother, Roger's uncle and they raised the whole family with all four children. Later a child from this marriage joined the family.
It nearly gave the impression that Roger Livesey tried to follow this example because when he got married with the actress Ursula Jeans, his sister Maggie was already married with Ursula's brother. 

Other movies with Roger Livesey: 
The Veteran of Waterloo (33) Blind Justice (34) The Price of Wisdom (35) Midshipman Easy (35) The Drum (38) Keep Smiling (38) Black Magic (38) Spring Meeting (38) Girl in the News (40) I Know Where I'm Going! (45) Vice Versa (48) The Winslow Boy (49) That Dangerous Age (49) The Master Builder" (50) Green Grow the Rushes (51) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Adam's Apple" (52) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Frolic Wind" (55) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Quay South" (55) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Breakdown" (58) Serie "The Flying Doctor: The Prisoner" (59) Serie "The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff" (59) Serie "Armchair Mystery Theatre: Toff and Fingers" (60) Serie "On Trial: Governor Wall" (60) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Burning Glass" (60) No My Darling Daughter (61) By Invitation Only (61) Serie "Boyd O.C.: The Season of the Year" (61) Serie "Love Story: Raymond's Italian Woman" (63) Serie "Espionage: The Frantick Rebel" (64) Serie "The Human Jungle: Skeleton in the Cupboard" (64) Serie "Theatre 625: The Minister" (65) Serie "The Man in the Iron Mask" (68) Futtocks End (70) Serie "Parkin's Patch: Two Gentlemen Standing" (70) Serie "ITV Saturday Night Theatre: Fly on the Wall: The General" (71) Serie "Justice: To Help an Old School Friend" (71) Serie "Kate: The Woman Behind the Man" (72)