Ann Little

Photograph: Nelson Evans (1890-1923)

1891 - 1984

The actress Ann Little - who appeared as Anna Little till 1917 - was born as Mary Brooks.

Briefly after her school education she joined a touring company and appeared in San Francisco for the first time.

She came to the film business in 1911 where she soon was very successful and she became engaged in numerous movies, often at Billy Broncho Anderson's side. To her first movies belonged often western movies in which she impersonated Indian maidens - a role which she interested privately as well and she studied the Indian culture. 

To her early successes belong "The Indian Maiden's Lesson" (11), "The Broken Trap" (11), "The Heart of an Indian" (12), "The Crisis" (12), "The Outcast" (12), "The Reckoning" (12), "Custer's Last Fight" (12), "The Civilian" (12), "The Law of the West" (13), "The Counterfeiter" (13), "Past Redemption"(13), "The Greenhorn" (13), "Prince" (14), "The Silent Wintess" (14), "Called Back" (14) and "A Page from Life" (14).

In the second half of the 10s she continued her film career undiminished and was able to put in action her abilities of swimming, shooting and riding. 

To her most popular works of those years belong "The Black Box" (15), "The Great Ruby Mystery" (15), "When the Light Came" (16), "The Awakening" (16), "The Pilgrim" (16), "The Silent Master" (17), "The House of Silence" (18), "The Squaw Man" (18) and "Lightning Bryce" (19).
From 1917 she also appeared regularly in dramas and comedies, often together with Wallace Reid. 

Her engagements in front of the camera diminished in the 20s and she only appeared sporadically in movies. To these productions belong "The Cradle of Courage" (20), "Chain Lightning" (22), "The Greatest Menace" (23) and "Secret Service Saudners" (25).

She retired from the film business in 1925 and lived in Los Angeles. Occupationally she was busy as a manager for the hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, about her time in the film business she only spoke very rarely. 

From 1930 followed a brief comeback but not as an actress but as the voice of Betty Boop in animation movies of Max Fleischer. She spoke the voice of Betty Boop till 1933.

Ann Little was married with the Allan Forrest.

Other movies with Ann Little:
The Puncher's New Love (11) The Lucky Card (11) A Young Squaw's Bravery (11) Cowgirls' Pranks (11) The Indian Maid's Elopement (12) The Empty Water Keg (12) The Battle of the Red Men (12) Blazing the Trail (12) The Post Telegrapher (12) The Lieutenant's Last Fight (12) A Shadow of the past (12) His Punishment (12) On the Warpath (12) His Nemesis (12) The Bugle Call (12) For the Honor of the Tribe (12) The Doctor's Double (12) His Better Self (12) For the Honor of the Seventh (12) An Indian Legend (12) On Secret Service (12) When Lee Surrenders (12) Mary of the Mines (12) The Altar of Death (12) The Invaders (12) The Prospector's Daughter (12) The Paymaster's Son (13) A Shadow in the Past (13) The Mosaic Law (13) The Wheels of Destiny (13) Smiling Dan (13) Lure of the Violin (13) His Heroine (13) The Sergeant's Secret (13) The Iconoclast (13) With Lee in Virginia (13) Will o' the Wisp (13) For Love of the Flag (13) The Battle of Gettysburg (13) From the Shadows (13) The Banshee (13) Old Mammy's Secret Code (13) The Heritage of Eve (13) The Waif (13) The Land of Dead Things (13) Venetian Romance (13) The Belle of Yorktown (13) The Sign of the Snake (13) The Filly (13) Her Legacy (13) True Irish Hearts (14) Heart of a Woman (14) The Colonel's Adopted Daughter (14) The Mystery Lady (14) For the Wearing of the Green (14) The Path of Genius (14) The Silent Messenger (14) The Suire's Son (14) On the Verge of War (14) The Voice at the Telephone (14) On the Rio Grande (14) Prowlers of the Wild (14) The Sob Sister (14) Circle 17 (14) Through the Flames (14) A Prince of Bavaria (14) As the Wind Blows (14) Kid Regan's Hands (14) The Chorus Girl's Thanksgiving (14) The Opened Shutters (14) Damon and Pythias (14) The Big Sister's Christmas (14) Changed Lives (15) The Grail (15) Homage (15) The Gopher (15) The Social Lion (15) Misjudged (15) The Queen of Hearts (15) man-Afraid-of-His-Wardrobe (15) Two Spot Joe (15) The Sheriff of Willow Creek (15) Playing for High Stakes (15) Man to Man (15) The Valley Feud (15) Broadcloth and Buckskin (15) There's Good in the Worst of Us (15) The Cactus Blossom (15) According to St. John (16) Double Crossed (16) The Quagmire (16) The Ranger of Lonesome Gulch (16) Two Bits (16) A Flickering Light (16) Unlucky Luke (16) Jack (16) The Demon of Fear (16) Nugget Jim's Pardner (16) That Gal of Burke's (16) The Courtin' of Calliope Clew (16) Nell Dale's men Folks (16) The Forgotten Prayer (16) Matchin' Jim (16) Land o' Lizards (16) Immediate Lee (16) Under Handicap (17) Nan of Music Mountain (17) The World for Sale (18) Rimrock Jones (18) Believe Me, Xantippe (18) The Firefly of France (18) Less than Kin (18) The Source (18) The Man from Funeral Range (18) Alias Mike Moran (19) The Roaring Road (19) Something to Do (19) Square Deal Sanderson (19) Told in the Hills (19) Excuse My Dust (20) The Blue Fox (21) Non of the North (22) The Eagle's Talons (23)