E. K. Lincoln

1884 - 1958

The actor Edward Klink Lincoln learnt his acting abilities at the theater where he also appeared on Broadway regularly.

He came to the film business in 1912 and became a much demanded actor for the Vitagraph Company straightaway.
To his first movies belong "His Lordship, the Valet" (12), "A Modern Atlanta" (12), "The Wood Violet" (12), "How Fatty Made Good" (13), "The Carpenter" (13), "The Prince of Evil" (13), "The Lost Millionaire" (13), "The Swan Girl" (13), "The Girl from Prosperity" (14) and "The Littlest Rebel" (14).

In the second half of the 10s E. K. Lincoln impersonated many other roles, among them "The Girl from Alaska" (15), "Ophelia" (16), "The World Against Him" (16), "Jimmy Dale Alias the Grey Seal" (17), "The Beloved Traitor" (18), "Virtuous Men" (19) and "The Painted World" (19).

His last cinematical works came in the 20s into being with "The Inner Voice" (20), "The Woman God Changed" (21), "Man of Courage" (22), where was both an actor and director, "The Right of the Strongest" (24) and "My Neighbor's Wife" (25).

Other movies with E. K. Lincoln:
The Irony of Fate (12) On the Line of Peril (12) Lessons in Courtship (12) Una of the Sierras (12) The Scoop (12) Song of the Shell (12) A Leap Year Proposal (12) Off the Road (13) When Mary Grew Up (13) Cutey and the Twins (13) The Final Justice (13) The Fortune (13) Two‘s Company, Three‘s a Crowd (13) A Regiment of Two (13) Does Advertising Pay? (13) Song Bird of the North (13) The Mouding (13) The Diamond Mystery (13) The Call (13) The Treasure of Desert Isle (13) Master Exit (13) Why I Am Here (13) The Wreck (13) His Second Wife (13) Diana‘s Dress Reform (14) The Right and the Wrong of It (14) Lincoln, the Lover (14) A Million Bid (14) Back to Broadway (14) Shadows of the Past (14) The Painted World (14) The Heart‘s Tribute (16) The Almighty Dollar (16) The Fighting Chance (16) For the Freedom of the Wrold (17) Lafavette, We Come (18) Fighting Through (19) Unknown Love (19) Shadows of the Past (19) Desert Gold (19) The Light in the Dark (22) Women Men Marry (22) The Woman in Chains (23) Little Red School House (23)