Gladys Leslie

1899 - 1976

The actress Gladys Leslie joined the film business in 1915 where she shot short movies for the Edison Companly. Later followed engagements for other companies as well.

To her first movies belong "A Clean Sweep" (15), "Ranson's Folly" (15), "The Butler" (15), "Betrayed" (16) and "Doughnuts" (16).

When she played in the Thanhouser Company productions "The Vicar of Wakefield" (17) she made her breakthrough and from now on was engaged for leading roles, from 1918 also for the Vitagrah Studios. 
To her other movies of those years belong "An Amateur Orphan" (17), "The Little Runaway" (18), "The Mating" (18), "The Beloved Impostor" (18), "A Stitch in Time" (19) and "The Golden Shower" (19).

Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being.
To these silent movies belong "The Midnight Bride" (20), "God's Country and the Law" (21), "Sisters" (22), "The Darling of the Rich" (22), "Man and Wife" (23), "Enemies of Youth" (25) and "Pearl of Love" (25).

In the movie "Haldane of the Secret Service" (23) she played at the side of the legendary escape artist Houdini.

Other movies with Gladys Leslie:
The Test (15) It May Be You (15) Sur la plage / Cartoonson the Beach (15) Cartoons in a Seminary (15) Her Happiness (15) Cartoons in the Country (15) Cartoons in a Sanitariuim (15) Simple Simon's Schooling (16) The Skilful Sleigher's Strategy (16) Deteckters (16) Steven's Sweet Sisters (16) Peterson's Pitiful Plight (16) Her Beloved Enemy (17) When Love Was Blind (17) It Happened to Adele (17) His Own People (17) The Wooing of Princess Pat (18) Little Miss No-Account (18) The Soap Girl (18) Wild Primrose (18) A Nymph of the Foothills (18) Sylvia's Last Pledge (18) Fortune's Child (19) Miss Dulcie from Dixie (19) Too Many Crooks (19) The Girl-Woman (19) The Gray Towers Mystery (19) A Child for Sale (20) Straight Is the Way (21) Jim the Penman (21) The Snitching Hour (22) Timothy's Quest (22) If Winter Comes (23) Broadway Broke (23)