Frederick Leister

1885 - 1970

The actor Frederick Leister began his artistic career on stage, often appearing in musical comedies. He made his stage debut in 1906 at the Crown Theatre with the play "A Country Girl".

During World War I he served for the Royal Artillery, afterwards he continued his acting career at West End where he often took part in classic dramas. 

Besides his theater career he also appeared in movies time and again, starting in 1922.
He made his screen debut with the silent movie "The Glorious Adventure" (22) and after a longer interruption he continued his film career from 1930.
To his movies of the 30s and 40s belong "Bracelets" (31), "Dreyfus" (31), "The World, the Flesh, the Devil" (32), "The Iron Duke" (34), "King Solomon's Mines" (37), "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (39), "The Prime Minister" (41), "Spellbound" (41), "The Young Mr. Pitt" (42), "The Agitator" (45), "Escape" (48) and "Forbidden" (49).

He continued his work in front of the camera during the 50s and 60s, from the middle of the 50s also with TV productions.

To his last cinematical works belong "The Crimson Pirate" (52), "Top Secret" (52), "The Time of His Life" (55), "The Dam Busters" (55), "Around the World ind Eighty Days" (56), Dangerous Exile" (58), "The Naked Edge" (61) and "To Bury Caesar" (63).

Other movies with Frederick Leister: 
The Messagte (30) Down River (31) Evensong (34) Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife" (36) O.H.M.S. (37) The Show Goes On (37) Dinner at the Ritz (37) Sixty Glorious Years (38) The Outsider (39) On the Night of the Fire (39) Atlantic Ferry (41) The Next of Kin (42) We'll Meet Again (43) The Gentle Sex (43) Dear Octopus (43) The Shipbuilders (43) The Hundred Pound Window (44) One Exciting Night (44) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45) The Captive Heart (46) So Well Rememberered (47) Mrs. Fitzherbert (47) Night Beat (47) Quartet (48) All Over the Town (49) For Them That Trespass (49) Papoer Orchid (49) Dear Mr. Prohack (49) Landfall (49) Boys in Brown (49) The 20 Questions Murder Mystery (50) The Rossiter Caser (51) Green Grow the Rushes (51) Circumstantial Evidence (52) Before I Wake (54) Souls in Conflict (54) Delayed Action (54) Serie "The Vise: The Eavesdropper" (54) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, jr., Presents: Another Day"  (55) The End of the Affair (55) Footsteps in the Fog (55) Serie "Colonel March of Scotland Yard: The Second Mona Lisa" (56) Serie "Dick and the Duchess: The Courtoom" (58) Doomsday for Dyson (58) Rx for Murder (58) Serie "Interpol Calling: Private View" (59) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: The Younger Generation" (59) Surprise Package (60) Serie "No Hiding Place: Nina and the Night People" (61) Serie "Brothers in Law: Counsel's Opinion" (62) Serie "ITV Play of the Week: When the Kissing Had to Stop – The Hammer" (62) Serie "Boyd O.C.: The Reluctant Prosecutor" (64)