Lila Lee

Foto: Nelson Evans (1890-1923)

1901 - 1973

The actress Lila Lee was born as Augusta Appel. She already made first acting experiences as a child and was later brought to the film by Jesse L. Lasky from Paramount.
There she made her film debut with "The Cruise of the Make-Believes" (18), it followed the movies "Such a Little Pirate" (18), "The Secret Garden" (19), "The Heart of Youth" (19) and "Male and Female" (19) directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

She had the height of her career in the 20's where she acted at the side of many male movie stars, among them are the productions "Midsummer Madness" (20), "The Easy Road" (21), "One Glorious Day" (22), "Blood and Sand" (22) with Rudolph Valentino, "Woman-Proof" (23), "The Midnight Girl" (25), "Million Dollar Mystery" (27) "The Black Pearl" (28) and "Love, Live and Laugh" (29).

Her last regular appearances in front of the camera followed in the 30's which were interrupted by illness (although a result of alcohol misuse) what was highly published by the newspapers.
To her popular movies of those years belong "The Unholy Three" (30), "The Gorilla" (30), "War Correspondent" (32), "Face in the Sky" (33), "Whirlpool" (34), "Champagne for Breakfast" (35) and "Nation Aflame" (37).

Afterwards she was no longer able to go on from her earlier successes and in followe a longer interruption before she was able to make a modest comeback in the 50's. 
To her last cinematical works belong "Lady in the Fog" (52) and "The Emperor's New Clothes" (66).

Lila Lee was chosen as one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars in 1922 - a chose of 13 actresses each year they assume will be the next movie stars. 

Lila Lee was among others married with the actor and director James Kirkwood. Her son James Kirkwood jr. Became well-known as an author, e.g. for "A Chorus Line".

Other movies with Lila Lee:
The Cruise of the Make-Believes (18) Such a Little Pirate (18) Jane Goes A' Wooing (19) The Secret Garden (19) Puppy Love (19) Rustling a Bride (19) A Daughter of the Wolf (19) Rose o' the River (19) The Heart of Youth (19) The Lottery Man (19) Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (19) Male and Female (19) Terror Island (20) The Soul of Youth (20) The Prince Chap (20) Midsummer Madness (20) The Fast Freight (21) The Charm School (21) The Easy Road (21) The Dollar-a-Year Man (21) Gasolne Gus (21) Crazy to Marry (21) After the Show (21) Rent Free (22) One Glorious Day (22) Is Matriomony a Failure? (22) The Dictator (22) Blood and Sand (22) The Ghost Breaker (22) Ebb Tide (22) Back Home and Broke (22) The Ne'er-Do-Well (23) Homeward Bound (23) Woman-Proof (23) Love's Whirlpool (24) Wandering Husbands (24) Another Man's Wife (24) The Midnight Girl (25) Coming Through (25) Old Home Week (25) Broken Hearts (26) The New Klondike (26) Fascinating Youth (26) One Increasing Purpose (27) Million Dollar Mytery (27) Top Sergeant Mulligan (28) The Man in Hobbles (28) You Can't Beat the Law (28) A Bit of Heaven (28) United States Smith (28) Thundergod (28) The Adorable Cheat (28) Just Married (28) Black Butterflies (28) The Little Wild Girl (28) The Black Pearl (28) Queen of the Night Clubs (29) Honky Tonk (29) Drag (29) Dark Streets (29) The Argyle Case (29) Flight (29) Love, Live and Laugh (29) The Show of Shows (29) The Sacred Flame (29) Second Wife (30) Murder Will Out (30) Those Who Dance (30) Double Cross Roads (30) The Unholy Three (30) The Gorilla (30) Woman Hungry (31) Misbehaving Ladies (31) Unholy Love (32) Radio Patrol (32) War Correspondent (32) Exposure (32) The Night of June 13th (32) False Faces (32) Officer Thirteen (32) Face in the Sky (33) The Iron Master (33) The Intruder (33) Lone Cowboy (33) Whirlpool (34) Stand Up and Cheer! (34) In Love with Llife (34) I Can't Escape (34) The Marriage Bargain (35) The People's Enemy (35) Champagne for Breakfast (35) The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (36) Country Gentlemen (36) Two Wise Maids (37) Nation Aflame (37) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Long Distance" (51) Lady in the Fog (52) Serie "The Gale Storm Show: A Hit in Tahiti" (57) Serie "Panic!: Love Story" (57) The Emperor's New Clothes (66) Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers (67)