Bessie Learn

Bessie Learn

1888 - 1987

The actress Bessie Learn lost her mother at an early age and her father brought up his three daughters alone. 

Bessie Learn already appeared on stage at the age of eight in the play "Hearts Are Trumps". 
She became established at the theater and took part in numerous plays, among them "The Little Princess", "Home Folks", "Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Polly of the Circus".

When she was signed by the Edison company in 1911 she was able to launch an impressive film career and she appeared in many short movies of the 10s.

To her first movies belong "Santa Claus and the Clubman" (11), "For the Cause of the South" (12), "The Mine on the Yukon" (12), "The Father" (12), "A Dangerous Lesson" (12) and "A Queen for a Day" (12).

She already belonged to the most popular movie stars in 1913 but her film career only lasted few more years because her husband she got married in 1913 was not happy that his wife was working as an actress.

But before she retired from the film business she took part in a huge number of other movies like "The Maid of Honor" (13), "Confidence" (13), "Old Jim" (13), "Slander's Tongue" (13), "The Phantom Signal" (13), "With the Eyes of Love" (14), "Shorty" (14), "The Temple of Moloch" (14), "An Unpaid Ransom" (15), "An Innocent Thief" (15), "A Spring of Shamrock" (15) and "The Lone Game" (15).

In 1914 she was not only appearing as an actress but was also responsible as writer and director for the production "Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress" (14).

Bessie Learn died in 1987 at the old age of 98 years.

Other movies with Bessie Learn:
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